Best Lego Storage Ideas Parents Will Love

We all know that Lego building toys are very beneficial in helping kids develop their divergent problem solving skills, creativity and imagination, and manual dexterity. When played with other kids, Lego building toys can help enhance their social skills which can also assist in the formation of a healthier self-concept. Lego building toys are one of the most developmentally-useful playthings you can ever give to a kid as a birthday present or even a holiday gift. Unfortunately, there is one minor problem – storage.

Best Lego Storage Ideas

Here are some tips on how you can address the minor hiccup in having several sets of Lego in your child’s playroom.


Sort Lego by the Shape of the Bricks 

One of the best ways to store your kid’s Lego bricks is by sorting and organizing them into shapes. For example, you can group all 1x2s, 1x4s, 2x4s, and other sizes together. It doesn’t really matter what color they are because what is more important is that they belong to the same shape. You can then put each shape in a container or even a resealable plastic bag. This should help your kid choose the right shape for the model the he or she is building. It’s easy and a very effective way of storing your kid’s building block set.

Sort Lego by the Color of the Bricks 

If you don’t like sorting the bricks according to shape, why not sort it according to color? This should come in very handy in playtime building activities that call for uniform colors. Now, there are certain caveats to using this method. If your kid is using unusually odd or funny shapes of bricks, it may not be the best method to store your Lego. This is primarily ideal for the classic Lego System bricks. You can then store each colored brick in clear tubs or bins and create a wonderful rainbow of colors in your kid’s bedroom.

Sort Lego by Purpose or by Type 

Not many individuals use this method but we find it one of the most useful ways of storing and organizing your blocks. For example, you can put building blocks used for building vehicles together like wheels and engine blocks. You can also group those blocks that are often used in the construction of houses and similar structures like windows and doors together. You can also organize them by people or the mini figures that come with each set.

Stack Similar Bricks Together 

Here’s a really ingenious way to store your kid’s Lego bricks. It doesn’t need any container. All you need is the base board that often comes with the building play set. For example, if you have a 24×64 base board, then you can use this to stack the different shapes or sizes of bricks. You can stack 2x4s in one tower then add alongside it a 2×2. You can also stack other shapes in the baseboard. If you like, you can use one baseboard just for one particular shape or size of brick. Simple.

lego characters

Use Your Tackle Box or Mini Drawer Cabinets 

You can use fishing tackle boxes or even small multi-drawer cabinets to help organize and store your child’s playthings. You need those compartments to store the different shapes of the bricks. Or, you can also encourage your kid to arrange his or her bricks according to color. This is especially useful if your kid only has one or two sets of building toys. If his or her collection is already extensive, then you will need something definitely bigger.

Use Shoe Hangers or Organizers 

Know those shoe organizers that you can hang on the back of your bedroom door? You can use this same organizer to store your kid’s building bricks. You can sort them according to color or even by their shape or size. Choose one with plastic pockets so your kid will know what is inside. Additionally, you can put labels in front of the pocket.

Use Large Empty Jars with Lids 

If you have plenty of empty jars which you no longer use, you can turn these into colorful containers for Lego bricks. All you need is a little creativity and a whiff of imagination and you now have a very simple yet truly effective storage system. Here’s another tip – if your kid has a double deck bunk bed, why not attach the top of the jar’s lid in the underside of the upper bunk. Your kid can then screw the jar onto its top. So you now have several colorful hanging jars. Alternatively, you can apply this same technique on other furniture in your kid’s bedroom. Just make sure that it is low enough for him or her to reach it.

Use Plastic Bins 

Visit your favorite home and living retailer and get plastic bins. You can then use this to store the different bricks. This is especially useful if your kid already has an extensive collection of building and construction play sets. Additionally, you can decorate each bin.

Utilize Old Shoe Boxes 

Need a more practical solution to your storage woes? We’re pretty sure you have plenty of empty shoeboxes at home. You can decorate these a bit, label them appropriately, and you could have one of the most inexpensive ways to store your kid’s building blocks and other playthings. Here’s how you can amp it a bit. Cut a rectangular window on the cover of the shoe box. Cover the opening with clear plastic on the inside surface of the box cover. This gives your kid an idea of what bricks are present in the box.

Repurpose Old Cabinets or Other Furniture 

If you have an old cabinet or any furniture in your basement, then why not let your creativity flow and turn this into a unique storage solution? Not only are you breathing life back into these old furniture, you are also addressing your need for efficient storage.

Organizing and storing your kid’s Lego play sets should not be a headache. It’s all about using an empty space to help store those colorful building bricks in a very organized and systematic manner.

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