Cuisinart BFM-1000 Baby Food Maker and Bottle Warmer

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We like

Easy to use

Recipes included

Large bowl and only one needed for all steps

Includes baby bottle warmer

Storage compartments available to purchase


Some parts are dishwasher safe

Providing vitamin and nutrient food for baby

We don’t like

Cleaning of water compartment may be difficult

Some baby bottles may not fit properly in the bottle warmer

How it works

More and more people are deciding to take control of the foods they eat. Too often additives and other harmful things are added to our food in order to preserve it or make it seem more appealing. What about your little bundle of joy? Parents are learning how to make there own baby food so they know their child is getting the best nutrients from their food without all of the harmful additives.

In the 1970s the Cuisinart Company began developing kitchen appliances for restaurants and brought the same efficiency to the family kitchen as well. One of these staples in the kitchen was the Cuisinart food processor. Today is not different, but the company has expanded this to make it easier for parents to make baby food for their children. The Cuisinart BFM-1000 Baby Food Maker and Bottle Warmer is the product to assist in ensuring babies are consuming healthy food. The company has gone above and beyond in making it easy, efficient, healthy, and convenient for parents wanting to give their babies the best!

Imagine the satisfaction of providing your child with the purest and healthiest food possible. They will develop a taste for the foods they will continue to eat into their adulthood without all the preservatives and additives. Introducing broccoli, avocado, apples, and lean meats at a young age will benefit them throughout their lives. The extra time you spend now will increase the health and happiness of your child in the years to come.



The Cuisinart baby food maker is a one stop shop! This baby food maker can steam, chop, and puree food for baby. It does not stop there, it can also warm the baby’s bottle to perfect temperature. As parents, we are always looking for something to make life easier while keeping our child’s best interest at heart. One of the best things to do for a baby is to ensure they are eating properly so they can grow up healthy and strong.

The baby food maker has a four cup BPA-free plastic bowl in which you can steam, chop, and puree the baby food. The large sized bowl allows parents to not only prepare an immediate meal but make enough to freeze for future feedings. Every parent appreciates being able to save time! If there are concerns about the baby food making process being a mess, no worries, Cuisinart has addressed this as well. The bowl is sealed to keep the food from splattering out and enhance the steaming process.

Cuisinart has developed an impressive and strong motor with the perk of being quiet. The power of the motor powers the baby food maker to speed up the steaming process, and on the money chopping capabilities. The baby food maker and bottle warmer are controlled by a dial control which makes it easily operated. The blade does not only chop, but it is a steam blade too. A steam blade produces an even delivery of steam to speed the process while maintaining efficiency. After the food is processed as desired it is time to move it to a bowl or storage container. Doing this with a blade in the way can be complicated, and messy. Not with the Cuisinart BFM-1000! They have developed a blade lock system to prevent this from happening. The blade is a patent-pending feature which keeps the blade from moving when removing the food from the bowl.

The bottle warmer feature located to the back of the baby food maker bowl is an added feature compared to other baby food makers. It can accommodate many different sized bottles. If you have a slender bottle, the Cuisinart company has provided an adapter to keep the bottle in position and keep the steam warming the bottle as intended. Bottles that are short and wide may not work most efficiently, so keep this in mind when looking at bottles to use.
<h2>Ease of Use</h2>

Ease of Use

This all in one unit will be useful when the baby is only taking a bottle by using the bottle warmer feature. As the baby grows and moves on to baby food, the unit will be used to make the food. The steam-water tank is the same chamber as the bottle warmer.

The Cuisinart BFM-1000 has two settings on the front, steam, and chop. The steam setting can be used to not only steam or warm the baby bottles but the fresh food you are looking to make into baby food. In order to make baby food with the correct consistency for baby, you need to be sure to use the right amount of water and the amount of time needed to blend the food. The fact that this unit only needs one bowl to use from start to finish makes the baby food making process simple, not to mention easy clean up!

After the food has completed the steaming process and shuts off, the unit will begin to puree when the control is set to the chop setting and held until the proper consistency is achieved. No need to transfer from a steaming basket into another container.


The use of the baby food maker is easy, but how about the cleaning? After you have used your baby food maker be sure to rinse the bowl, lid, and blade to remove any leftover food. These three pieces can be washed in the dishwasher on the top rack or with soap in warm water. Be careful with the steam blade because it is very sharp! You will not want to leave it in water with no visual on the blade to reduce the risk of being cut.

Some concern has been expressed about the cleaning of the water compartment. It is enclosed and could develop mold issues if not properly cleaned. Suggestions have been made to turn the unit upside down allowing any excess water to drip out. The lid should be left open to allow the unit to air dry before putting it away until next time. The Cuisinart company has detailed directions in the Owner’s Manual on how to descale the unit with a vinegar and water mixture which will keep your baby food maker working well. Too often the manual included with products is overlooked. You will not want to miss out on this resource.


The Cuisinart BFM-1000 has several safety features. The unit will automatically turn off when the water has evaporated. By using the same bowl for the different steps, it is not only convenient, but it helps prevent being burned while pouring the food into another bowl. The Cuisinart company developed a means to keep the blade from moving when the bowl is not secured to the base and called it the blade lock system. The release button for the cover is used to take the bowl from the base, and restrict the baby food maker from being turned on.


The Cuisinart BFM-1000 is not only versatile because of the baby food maker and bottle warmer features, but for other features and uses as well. The Cuisinart company has made available several different accessories to assist in the baby food making process.

The four-cup bowl allows parents to make extra servings of food for the baby. They are able to freeze portions for future use. Cuisinart Baby Food Storage Containers are available for purchase to assist in storing future servings. Each container will store up to 2.5 ounces of food. The set has six containers which will stack with each other for convenient storage. If that was not enough, they come with a steam rack to place back into the baby food maker to easily reheat baby’s food! How about clean up? They are dishwasher safe. Some have had issues with the storage lids staying sealed tightly so this should be considered when traveling with the food. You can wrap the containers while in transport or place them in a sealable bag. As with the four cup bowl, the storage containers are BPA free too. Many will place servings in an ice cube tray to be frozen. The servings can be packaged and stored for future meals.

With all the talk about the convenience and benefit to making your own baby food, how do you make it? What ingredients do you need? How do you make it taste appealing for your child? Cuisinart has helped with this! The Owner’s Manual is not only for the operation of the unit, but it provides helpful tips too. A recipe booklet is included to get you started. They have thought of everything they could to make this an easy process for you. They have even included a spatula, measuring cup, and bottle adapter ring.


The Cuisinart BFM-1000 is not compact, however, it will not take up much kitchen space. The unit is about the size of a small instant coffee machine. It can also be easily stored in an appliance garage or closet. The unit weighs approximately 7 pounds and the dimensions are 6.7 x 10.6 x 12.8 inches. Making room for this product is well worth the savings and more health benefits compared to buying baby food from a manufacturer.


There are many benefits to making your baby’s food instead of buying it from a manufacturer. As parents, we can choose which fruits, vegetables, and meats our child eats. This also provides the opportunity for us to choose the flavor and combinations. You will not have to wonder what is in the food your baby is eating anymore. You can try other foods that you won’t typically see in the baby food available in stores. The process manufacturers have to go through to make sure their product stores well often does more harm than good. In order to kill bacteria which may be in the food, they need to have very high temperatures. Sadly, this will not only kill the bacteria, but it will also remove the healthy vitamins and nutrients which the food originally contained. To improve tastes, sugars and other ingredients are added which take away from the nutritional value. Taking the time to invest in healthy foods for your baby can have lifelong benefits. Many may be intimidated by how to make their own baby food, and what kind of foods to use. Apples, avocado, carrots, bananas, chicken, and even tofu, the possibilities are endless. Cuisinart has helped to make this process as easy and healthy for your children as possible.

The Cuisinart BFM-1000 Baby Food Maker and Bottle Warmer is designed to do this for parents. The unit can be used as a bottle warmer right when you bring your little one home. As the baby grows, you will have time to experiment with the baby food maker so you are comfortable when it is time to begin feeding it to your little one. The Cuisinart company does everything to help with this process by providing instructions and recipes for you to use. The large four-cup bowl is not only convenient because each step can be done in one bowl, but it is large enough to make extra to store for future feedings. Take the time to invest in your baby's health, and enjoy watching them eat good food as they grow.
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