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This product called Tommee Tippee comes with an impressive claim from the makers, they state that it is the most life-like breast design ever made, given the real variations offered up by nature, this is an interesting and perhaps ambitious claim.

The product has a level of flexibility designed in which aims to mimic the flexion of the human breast while feeding and a nipple design which the maker guarantees a baby will accept.

Incorporating a sensitive anti-colic valve system which extracts air from milk and works at reducing the potential of colic. The nipple section is designed for a slow flow which will reduce air-intake and result in a feeding baby feeling discomfort. This is achieved through innovative design in which the straw system has three stages for pulling air from milk, this particular feature has proven itself to be very effective and popular among parents. If you are not using a formula product, you can attach a pouch of natural milk to the bottle, the silicone surface of the nipple gives a smoother skin like feel to a feeding baby and there are choices for bottle-feeder sizes to match growing babies.

The design of the bottle will sit comfortably and securely in a parents hand making the feeding process easier for adult and baby, this product has been designed as a result of ongoing research and works for both babies fed on formula or babies fed on natural milk.

The nipple section effectively mimics a natural shape so that a baby can easily and comfortably latch on for feeding.

To ensure the product is baby-safe it has been created to be phthalate safe and free, plus BPA safe and free. This means that parents can use the product knowing that all materials are completely safe.

This product has established itself as very popular on the market so this can be viewed as one of those products which is tried, tested and trusted.

Adult Supervision

Adult Supervision

Though not a good habit, there are some parents who will literally leave the baby holding the bottle, the arguments for and against this are ongoing, much of it depends on the age of the baby. Some parents will point out that an older baby is capable of the dexterity skills needed to hold a bottle while she or he feeds. The question is how to define an older baby? One year, 15 months, etc it really is an area on which there is not enough extensive research to comment in the positive or the negative. Certainly, young babies must have constant supervision while feeding even if the feeding process appears totally problem free.

Of course there are babies who reach out and hold a bottle, and they appear capable of doing this without any hitches, generally, the rule should be, supervise a feeding baby no matter how independent and able the child appears to be.

The design of this model is such that a baby can be feeding in a very natural position while being supported close to a parent and this is a comfortable and natural form of supervision.
Age range

Age range

The age range and even the approach or method for feeding babies can have some variations, as a child gets older she or he can deal with a faster flow of milk.
Parents need to understand which tell-tale signs to look for when a baby needs to go up to a higher flow rate, for example, if a baby appears irritated, distracted, pulling at the bottle nipple then a parent needs to reconsider the flow-ratio and try to give the baby options till such time the baby appears comfortable and satisfied.

If your baby starts to lose interest and even falls asleep during feeding this could well be a sign that change for the flow rate is due, babies who start to take longer to finish a bottle feed may be showing signs of frustration at the slow feed rate. If a baby starts reaching out and tugging at the bottle it is reasonably fair to assume this is an expression of dissatisfaction.

This product comes with a range of options so that you can try different flow rates to see which works for the baby or if you start a young baby on this method of feeding, be prepared to watch for signs because this product has factored in that the baby will go through flow rate feeding changes and the options or included for purchase with the bottle set.


Because of the design, the natural flexion and the smooth skin like silicone, a baby is inclined to accept feeding via this product calmly because it is as close to the natural breastfeeding process as can be. The three stages built in system which sucks air away from moving milk has a calming outcome because the child is ingesting a lot less air and less likely to experience uncomfortable colic. The track record for this product suggests that problematic colic outcomes are 80% less likely which is a very impressive outcome and holds high potential for a baby staying calm and comfortable.

The product has a design shape or symmetry which is similar to a human breast and this will assure and calm a feeding baby. The nipple system is made from top quality smooth silicone and closely resembles the feel of human skin so this is certainly a positive calming influence for a baby during the feeding process.

The bottle design allows a parent to hold a baby in a natural supportive feeding positing and this is yet again a positive calming influence. The makers have very cleverly factored in design to promote calmness for a bay while feeding, they have also chosen materials which are so close to the feeling of natural human physical contact during feeding that babies do feel reassured and calm.


The design of this product is focused on efficiency, effectiveness and design shape with materials which encourage a baby to accept this feeding method and to stay calm and comfortable. The nipple design is such that a baby will latch on comfortably because the shape effectively mimics a human nipple and the silicone material feels natural. The brand maker is so confident that babies will accept this feeding method calmly that they offer a guarantee to the buyer that a baby will accept, they also claim that 97% of mothers who have used this product are happy to recommend it to other parents.

The design also includes a shape which allows a natural positioning for a parent holding the bottle and for the baby to be held in a natural position, giving support and security, this means the baby is inclined to accept the bottle and will feel secure, safe and calm. The measurement system laid out and designed onto the bottle is very accurate so parents can feel comfortable that the baby is getting a very precise nutritious feed. This bottle feeder works well for babies who are being fed natural milk and a pouch can easily be attached to the system for ease of feeding, the system is also very good for babies who are taking a regular formula feed.

This brand offers a range of sizes so that as babies progress, they can move up to the next feeding level.

The overall design of the bottle is good for parents and for babies.


The nipple systems are durable due to the use of high-quality durable silicone, but even this type of material will get damaged by small growing teeth.

The durability of silicone is good but it can still get damaged and when it does, the nipple systems will need to be replaced.

The bottle and straw systems are very durable and little if no damage can be expected for these, so long as they are regularly cleaned they will serve the babies needs to such time the child moves up to the next flow-rate feeding system.
Ease of Use

Ease of Use

The flow rate levels are set for ease of use, very young babies start on the slow flow rate, at around three months old the child can move onto the medium flow-rate system, at six months or a little older the baby can start on the fast flow-rate. For ease of purchase and use, closer to nature flow rate nipples are available when replacements are needed and they only work with closer to nature bottles.

The bottles are a compact design and very easy to hold while the baby can sit or be held in a natural position for feeding. The bottles are perfect for holding because the outline design is much the same as earlier traditional bottle designs.

There are three ways to comfortably feed a baby with these:

1. Grip in the same style as traditional wide-neck style bottles.
2. Hold the bottle at the base and tilt as needed.
3. Cradle the bottle in the hand and tilt as required.


This brand offers three different sized bottles, which cover the different capacity needed for each level of feeding.

For the youngest aged baby the 5oz bottle which will hold 150ml
At 3 months old the 9oz bottle which will hold 260ml
At 6 months old the 11oz bottle which will hold 340 ml


Maintenance is standard after each use the bottle can be cleaned and sterilized.

Another form of maintenance is to test the anti-colic valve after cleaning and this is done by squeezing the bottle to get a clear reaction from the sensitive valve. If no reaction is achieved from this process it does mean that a replacement is needed.


The three bottles and all materials used are fully child-friendly, totally BPA-Free, so that parents can comfortably feed a baby with full peace of mind in knowing that none of the materials will have any negative effects on a young baby.
Sensory stimulation

Sensory stimulation

Due to the design and materials used in making this product sensory stimulation plays a key roll in the success of this product.

The nipple units are made from silicone with a surface which will feel like human skin when a baby latches on to feed and this will stimulate the baby into wanting to feed.
The bottles/units are designed to flex and this mimics the natural movement a baby encounters when being breasts fed and this type of sensory stimulation will encourage a child to feed.

The nipple design is close to the natural shape of a human nipple and this will certainly be picked up by a babies senses and stimulate the child into feeding.


Versatility is evident through the ability of these products to be good for breastfed babies in which a pouch of milk can be attached to the feeding unit or alternatively this product is good for feeding babies who are taking baby milk formula.

The three-stage straw and valve system are versatile in extracting air from milk and preventing air being ingested by babies, ingesting air will cause very uncomfortable colic.
Further versatility is there to be seen in the three levels of the products with different flow-rates to enable effective comfortable feeding for babies from newborn at stage one, babies at three months old at stage two and babies six months and older at stage three.
Price Range

Price Range

This is a three piece set which is very inventively designed and has proven through testing and use on many babies by many parents that it is a very good investment.

The popularity of this product is also based upon reasonable affordability. Considering the high-quality design, the use of top quality materials, the very impressive performance, these products are value for money.

Bottom Line

These feeding bottles and their feeding system are designed on how the human breasts moves and design tech then moves beyond the capabilities of the human breast and includes a system which pulls air from milk to dramatically bring down the threat of colic.

Very good for use with both babies on formula or natural milk, the more creative design allows a parent three ways to hold the bottles for effective feeding while also enabling the baby to be placed in a natural feeding position.

Buyers get three units to cover three levels of milk rate flow and milk holding capacity.
These products have attracted many positive online reviews and positive feedback from parents, a good product which is highly recommended.
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