Nanobebe Breast Milk Baby Bottles

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We like

Convex bottom for fast cooling, warming, and easy holding

Nurtures the relationship between breastfeeding mom and baby

Provides relief for mom

Reduces Colic

Makes the transition from breast to bottle easier

We don’t like

Smaller than traditional bottles

How it works

Breastfeeding a baby is hard and with that come a lot of struggles. Specifically getting your baby to take a bottle can be incredibly difficult when they are used to only feeding directly from the breast. Nanobebe is a uniquely designed bottle. It is designed to authentically mimic a mothers breast with the shape of the bottle and the nipple. The bottle is able to hold five ounces of milk. The design is supposed to make it easier to transition from the breast to a bottle or to go back and forth. The bottle is also helpful in preventing colic and keeping digestive discomfort at a minimum. The Nanobebe is the only bottle that was created to support the relationship between mom and baby’s breastfeeding when mom can’t necessarily be there to feed the baby. The Nanobebe is full of incredible and unique features that make the feeding process easier for parents.



Nanobebe’s Breastmilk Baby Bottles are specially designed to make every part of feeding breastmilk through bottles easier and better. Nanobebe focuses on every aspect of bottle feeding breastmilk from pumping to feeding and every step in between. The Nanobebe allows you to pump straight to the bottles. These bottles are also great to save space since you can stack them on top of each other. By stacking them it also allows you to know which bottles are the freshest. The actual shape encourages fast and thorough warming which prevents overheating and destruction of nutrients. It is also designed to be really easy to hold for both the caretaker and baby with its simple dome shape and caved in the base it is perfect for little hands. The Nanobebe also has a design that encourages anti-colic. The nipples of the bottle are designed with a vented system to lower air pressure inside the bottle and reduce gas when feeing which helps reduce colic too. Breastmilk accumulates bacteria much faster if it is kept at room temperature. The design of the Nanobebe makes to so that the milk is in a really thin layer that gets cold more easily and faster than regular bottles so your milk stays healthier longer. The Nanobebe is designed specifically to imitate the natural breast in shape as well as the nipple which allows your baby to connect to the bottle. Plus the design allows for faster and more efficient warming to provide your baby with immediate relief from hunger. The design of the Nanobebe is innovative and unique and provides an answer to the struggle of finding a way to feed your baby breastmilk easily from a bottle.


In 2006 the founders of Nanobebe began to change the industry of infant feeding when they introduced the first BPA free baby bottles with the brand BornFree. Since then they have joined together with an incredible group of lactation experts, pediatricians, and engineers that specialize in biomedicine. Nanobebe’s goal is to preserve the important and critical nutrition that breastmilk provides. The founders of Nanobebe are parents who know what it is like to dedicate time and energy into breastfeeding and pumping to give children that extra nutrition and leg up in life. They saw that there was a need to make storing, cooling, and warming easier and more efficient to prevent the destruction of the critical nutrients breastmilk provides. Nanobebe prioritizes your child's health which is why they follow the absolute highest health standards. As a company, Nanobebe wants to be the number one choice for a breastfeeding mother. They strive to create and design products that are healthier and safer than traditional options without sacrificing things like looks or convenience and they keep baby at the number one priority always.


The Nanobebe Breastmilk Baby Bottles prioritize safety and that is evident in the design and material choice. The breastmilk bottles are made from a mix of silicone, thermoplastic elastomer, and polypropylene. That might not mean much to you but what matters is that these materials are BPA, phthalate, lead, and latex free. This simply means that the breastmilk bottles are high quality and very safe for your baby to use as well as for you to store, cool, and rewarm breast milk in. The materials used in the Nanobebe bottles are indicative of their goal to provide safe, healthy, and unique products to make breastfeeding easier for moms and for babies. Plus to add to the convenience the materials are completely dishwasher safe so you can clean everything really easy to ensure a safe and healthy bottle for your baby.


Everyone knows that when a baby is hungry it isn't a secret. They cry and scream and fuss and become difficult to soothe if they haven’t eaten in a while which isn’t good. Now for a breastfed baby, these problems can be a lot more difficult to deal with considering that it can be really difficult to find a bottle that a breastfed baby will accept. The Nanobebe provides a calming solution to an exclusively breastfed baby. The breastmilk baby bottles are designed to imitate the shape of a breast with their overall bottle shape but also the nipple simulates the nipple from a breast as well which provides a comforting and calming relationship between the baby and the bottle and encourages them to take the bottle easily. The ability for someone else to calm the baby by offering a way to eat without needing mom to be there can provide mom with a well-needed break and the ability to return to work if necessary. The calming effect that the Nanobebe provides a baby by offering a solution to the transition between breast and bottle is undeniable and extremely useful.
<h2>Ease of Use</h2>

Ease of Use

The Nanobebe has very easy to use and intuitive design. Firstly, the design makes it easier to reduce colic by having a ventilated design that allows for lower air pressure inside the bottle to reduce gas. The design of the breastmilk bottle also allows for easier and more convenient storage with the shape of the bottles which allows them to be stacked in the refrigerator for convenience but also makes it easier to know which bottle is fresher. The breastmilk bottles are designed to also make cooling the breastmilk easier, faster, and more convenient. The shape of the bottle allows the milk to be spread out in a really thin layer so that it cools off much faster than a traditional bottle or storage bag would allow. Not only is cooling easier but so is warming thanks to the convex design of the bottle. The warming is done faster and safer to prevent the breakdown of any vital nutrients while still making it quick and easy to provide a bottle for your little one. The Nanobebe breastmilk bottle makes the transition between breast and bottle easier for you and for your baby. Since the bottles mimic the actual shape of the breast with the shape of the bottle as well as the shape of the nipple. To make it even more convenient the Nanobebe Breastmilk Baby Bottles include an adaptor for your breast pump so you can conveniently pump right into the unique and innovatively shaped bottle so you don’t have to struggle with transferring breastmilk. Lastly, the bottles are also dishwasher safe so cleaning and sterilizing them is really easy, almost too easy considering the complex and unique design of all the other features. Overall the Nanobebe bottles are extremely easy to use, clean, and help calm and comfort the baby in a safe and healthy way.


You won’t even need a bottle brush to clean the Nanobebe breastmilk baby bottles. The maintenance required to keep these bottles clean and sterile and ready for the next use is so minimal you wouldn’t believe it. All you have to do is take apart the bottle and simply put it in the dishwasher for fast, easy and convenient cleaning. If you do need to clean the bottles by hand for whatever reason, the part is minimal so it should not be that much of a hassle or difficult at all. Plus with each package of bottles, you will receive an adapter for your breast pump so you can simply pump directly into the Nanobebe bottle.


All baby bottles are portable and so are the Nanobebe breastmilk baby bottles. The very small bottles are stackable for storage space to make things more convenient too. Plus with the adapter for your pump, you can pump directly into the bottles and cool them right away at home or at work or anywhere you need to pump. The makers of the Nanobebe did a really good job including just about every feature a mom would need to make the transition from breast to bottle easier and more convenient.


Your baby will finally find comfort in a bottle with the Nanobebe since it is designed to mimic the breast. The shape of the bottle will comfort them and the shape of the nipple will too. Especially since the nipple is designed to prevent colic with the ventilated design that helps reduce gas.
<h2>Price Range</h2>

Price Range

The price range of the Nanobebe Breastmilk Baby Bottles is really affordable when considering all of the value you get from these unique and one of a kind bottles. These bottles provide a safe, healthy and convenient way to make breastmilk safe and healthy for a longer time without losing any of its critical nutritional value. The Nanobebe bottles are a valuable investment to make the transition between breast and bottle easier while still protecting that relationship to ensure your child can stay breastfed for as long as possible while still giving the mom a break when needed and also giving her the opportunity to return to work without worrying that the baby won't take a regular bottle. Every penny you spend on these bottles will be well worth it and so many parents who have already tried them say so.


The Nanobebe Breastmilk Baby Bottles are designed by the people who created the first BPA-free bottle. They are a company that cares about you and your baby and the health and safety of both of you. The Nanobebe is designed specifically to imitate the size and shape of the breast and the nipple as well which makes the transition between breast and bottle so much easier for your little one. The bottle is also designed to reduce gas and colic by having a ventilated 360 design on the nipple that creates a lower pressure inside the bottle to prevent air from getting into your baby's stomach while eating. The bottle is designed to make cooling faster and easier so that your breastmilk retains as much of its critical nutrients as possible. The shape also allows for safe and simple warming that prevents overheating which also destroys nutrients. The shape is also super easy to hold for little hands so your little one can learn self-feeding sooner than with typical bottles. Plus the bottles are dishwasher safe to make maintenance so easy you wouldn't even believe it. The Nanobebe is designed to acknowledge the time, energy, and dedication that mothers put into breastfeeding and the bottles nurture that relationship while still providing a way for someone other than mom to feed the baby so she can have a well-deserved break or go to work without worrying about things. The bottom line about the Nanobebe Breastmilk Baby Bottles is that they are the perfect solution to making the transition easier for mom and baby to move from exclusively feeding with the breast to using bottles as well. The price is so affordable for all the use you will get from the bottles. It is no wonder why the Nanobebe bottles are so highly regarded as the only solution for exclusively breastfed babies.
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