Fun Reading Games for Kids

Here are a couple of games that parents can use to make reading time a fun experience for their kids.

All parents think about how to get their children more interested in reading, so many are looking at reading games for their children. It’s important to grab their attention with books when they are young and search for cool reading games for them to learn. Parents can look at different kinds of reading materials including reading comprehension games, reading comprehension activities, reading games for kindergarten, and reading games for 2nd graders.

There are usually reading games for all ages, but the focus is on the younger children so there are also first-grade reading games. All kids enjoy games and whether they are playing cards, monopoly or trying reading games, they are still learning words and symbols and using their mental skills to problem solve. This is a nice way for parents to bond with their children. This also helps them gain confidence in their learning abilities. Reading is the major form of communication and learning between children, people, and the global world.

One of the most challenging events a parent will experience is incorporating reading into their children’s life. Let’s face it, kids are fun and adventurous so they don’t see reading as fun. This is where you come in and teach them reading is fun. Parents can be their best teachers.

Reading Benefits

Some parents don’t mind if their children aren’t interested in reading. Parents are coming from the generation of the online social media world. Parents feel “why read?” Everything is at your fingertips and you can find it online. This is reading but very limited to the centuries of intellectuals that were scientists and great philosophers.

kid reading a book

People learned by reading books that had the answers to the questions they had and helped to enable them to change the world. People talked and there were clubs for the great deep thinkers to meet. People learned how to think, now kids are told what to think. This is a major paradigm in today’s world because not as many are reading books.

Brain Impact

Reading helps kids keep their minds alert. Reading uses the neurological part of the brain for expansion and retaining information. Reading is a concentration awakening and creates sharp memories. Reading also enhances the stimuli in the brain and the pictures come alive. This is what the benefits of reading are for kids. They are exposed to something new. In addition, someone is taking the time to teach them.


One of the best benefits of reading games is your child will definitely improve their vocabulary. The only way for them to learn the best proper sentence structure is to read books. Articulation helps them gain confidence in their reading abilities which is another good benefit. Proper articulation also helps your child to prepare for future success in their professional world.

girl reading a book


Everyone has read a good book only to find the movie is a big disappointment. This is because we all have individual imaginations so we create the characters in our minds. The director of the movie sees it differently and leave out the favorite parts of many in the book.

Fun Reading

The benefits of reading are endless, and it’s been known to help Alzheimer’s diseases. There are many good reading activities to help benefit every age. It’s not too hard to get your child to sit still for five minutes and listen to a short story.

little girl reading outside

Read every day to your child or have them read to you. Purchase a variety of books that you think your child would benefit from. Make sure they are simple and ask them to read a story daily.

It’s important to read out loud with children. This helps them learn how to read the right way. It’s important to include nursery rhymes and be repetitive. This is what will add to a child’s vocabulary.

Reading Nook

Parents, it’s always fun to give your child their own space for reading and relaxing. Get some pillows, a blanket or bean bag chair. All kids should have a bookshelf. Parents should load the books into the bookshelf and let them choose what they want to read. It’s a nice area for your child to rest from anxiety or things he worries about. Don’t forget to snuggle and join your child when they are reading out loud.


Board Games

Parents can also try board games to play to help them learn the benefits of reading. Scrabble is a good word game, and there are many other similar games available for purchase. You can give your 5 year old child these games for presents. It’s also fun to play with them and watch them learn how to read.

Joke Books

There are many good and funny joke books that are easy readers. These are another great gift for kids and they can start reading a few jokes a day. This is how they develop a sense of humor and share jokes with their friends and family. This also is great for memorization skills and building vocabulary and comprehension.

Magazines and Newspapers

Gather up a bunch of children’s newspapers and magazines. You can order them and they will arrive by mail. Then give these to your child to read. It’s good to teach your children to read current magazines and newspapers. This is how they learn more about their age group and different cultures, beliefs, behaviors, and current events!

kid reading magazine

Kids Party

Plan a party for your child once in a while. Buy some great kid food like healthy snacks and small water bottles. Have a dress-up party and add to the party with different storybooks for kids. You can always throw in some party favors and take-home gifts that are meant for reading. Storytelling parties are fun and interesting because each child has a book to share. After they finish, you can choose to give the child a small reward.

What about TV and Gaming?

Small children love video games and they may become very upset with you if you suddenly take them away. The best thing to do is to set limits and be consistent. Show your child the benefits of reading. When they watch too many shows and games, their brain slows down and this can cause more anxiety. If your child feels overly stimulated by games and TV, they may find more comfort by reading.