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We like

Light weight

Easy to fold stroller

Adjustable harness in car seat and stroller

Storage areas on the stroller

Car Seat pad is machine washable

Affordable price, two products for one price

Exceeds safety standards

Car seat is airplane compatible

We don’t like

Car seat may be narrower for some babies

Car seat buckle between baby’s legs may be shorter

Parent cup holders are shallow

How it works

Safety is a number one priority, but who says it cannot be convenient as well? In 1984, the Safety 1st company was founded in the United States. They started out with the classic, “Baby on Board,” sign and continued to add more and more products for safety and convenience. They continue with the best selling sign to home equipment to hygiene and to strollers and car seats.

The Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System with onBoard 35 Infant Car Seat is one of the company’s products which includes safety and convenience. Families are traveling more and more every year. Having the equipment to keep up with that lifestyle has become an essential part of life today. The infant car seat snaps onto the stroller for convenience while keeping a sleeping baby safe and secure.



Infants and toddlers range in size. The Smooth Ride Travel System is based on the child’s height and weight versus actual age. The infant car seat is intended for infants between four and thirty-five pounds. The height is intended for thirty-two inches or less.

The stroller is intended for children up to fifty pounds. It is intended for children who can sit up on their own, which is why it is so convenient to have the travel system so infants can remain in their car seat, and snap onto the stroller so parents do not have to carry the baby or baby and car seat. For children with the ability to sit up on their own, the midpoint of the child’s head should be at or below the top of the stroller seat when they are in a seated position.


The Safety 1st onBoard 35 Infant Car Seat comes with head and body support inserts to help provide a comfortable and safe fit for the baby. The inserts provide added support for newborns until they grow more. The car seat features a better recline position for added comfort and safety. It is padded with a soft material to aid in keeping the baby happy and snug while traveling.

The Safety 1st Smooth Ride Stroller has a comfortable, plush fabric to ensure kids stay snug. The stroller’s seat can recline to allow the child to rest or even take a nap. The large canopy provides protection from the sun and other elements. As we know, kids are not always resting and they want to play and be entertained even more! The Smooth Ride Stroller has a tray for the child’s toys or snacks to help keep them happy and content while on the go!


The infant car seat has four heights to adjust the harness so the seat can grow with your child while maintaining a secure fit for safety. The seat can be adjusted for a secured fit with just one pull. The buckle can be adjusted to provide a personalized fit for the baby. The seat is reclined more in order to keep comfortable and secured in the car seat. The infant car seat comes with a base which can stay secured in the vehicle, and the seat secures to the base using the LATCH system. The base height can be adjusted in order to find a proper fit for your vehicle. The car seat can also be used without the base if needed. The car seat provides side impact protection. All this and the infant car seat remain lightweight for the parents to carry. Not to mention the curved handle on the infant car seat will make it more comfortable for those times you need to carry the baby while secured in the car seat.

The Smooth Ride Stroller is designed to be convenient and easy to use. It has a large canopy to shelter the child from the sun and elements. It has a visor that can be flipped out to assist parents in providing extra protection. One would think with a large canopy, it may block a parent’s view of their child, but not with the Safety 1st stroller. The canopy has a window so you can keep an eye on your bundle of joy enjoying the ride in the stroller while also providing more air circulation for your little one. If you are wondering how you will travel or go shopping with an infant car seat, stroller, diaper bag, and other items you pick up along the way, you don't need to worry with the Smooth Ride Travel System. The stroller had a large storage compartment, a tray for parents to keep their smaller items, and don’t forget the smaller tray for the child. Toys, sippy cups, snack containers all will work in order to keep the ride more enjoyable!

The Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System features the QuickClick to allow you to connect the onBoard 35 Infant Car Seat to the stroller. If the baby is still sleeping, no need to take the baby out of the car seat to go into the stroller, just a click and the seat is secured to the stroller and you are ready to roll! When used together, the canopy on the car seat and the stroller can come together to provide coverage and keep things darker for a sleeping baby.
Ease of Use

Ease of Use

The Smooth Ride Travel System was developed with convenience in mind. No one wants to wake a sleeping baby. Being able to connect the infant car seat directly to the stroller with ease will help the baby to keep sleeping, and still be able to move about. The Smooth Ride Travel System can do just that! The Smooth Ride stroller folds for convenient storage and transport. However, many other strollers can be difficult to unfold and set up properly. Safety 1st has made their stroller easy to unfold and set up. All you need to do is unhook the stroller latch, pull up on the handlebar, and when you hear the click the stroller should be set up and ready to roll!

When you take the baby and infant car seat out of the vehicle, place the car seat facing the handlebar. The car seat will snap onto the child’s tray, and you are set to enjoy your day. When your day is done and you are ready to leave, release the car seat from the stroller in the same manner you do when removing it from the car. Now it is time to fold the stroller. All it takes is one hand! The Safety 1st stroller comes with a “lift to fold” handle cleverly located in the seat of the stroller. Just do as the name implies. Lift the handle and the stroller will fold up for easy transport. No more pushing buttons, twisting the lever, and pushing down on the stroller in an attempt to fold it!

The stroller has wheels made to assist in mobility. They are made to create a smooth ride and to maneuver in the direction you need to travel. Safety 1st has also taken measures to make it easy when you want to keep your stroller from moving. The Smooth Ride Stroller has brakes that can be used with just one flick. It is just one of the many safety features of this product!

As with anything, be sure to read your user’s manual for helpful instructions to get the maximum benefit from the Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System, and ensuring the child’s safety at all times.


The stroller can be cleaned by using a damp cloth with a mild soap to wipe clean. The stroller should be allowed to air dry. This process includes the trays, fabrics, and belts and harnesses. The car seat pad can be removed and washed in the washing machine, and tumbled dried. The harnesses should be spot cleaned with a cloth and allowed to air dry.


The Smooth Ride Travel System comes with an infant car seat and stroller. Each has its own safety features to protect your child. The infant car seat comes equipped with side impact protection to keep baby safe during an accident. The harness is able to be adjusted for a perfect fit, keeping the baby snug and safe. All it takes is one tug of a strap, and your baby is secured. The car seat can snap securely into a base or by the vehicle safety belts. The car seat base is attached using the LATCH system. The Safety 1st company has provided head and body inserts to make sure newborns are safe and secure in the car seat. The onBoard 35 Infant Car Seat has exceeded safety measures guided by the Federal and ASTM Safety Standards.

The Smooth Ride stroller has a 5 point harness to keep babies safe as they ride. The stroller can be used as your child grows, and the harness can be adjusted to allow a safe and comfortable fit. The wheels of the stroller can be locked in place when the stroller is to remain still. This travel system is made to be convenient and easy to use but does not cut corners on providing a safe ride in and out of a vehicle.


The car seat and stroller can be used together or separately. The car seat will keep your child safe until the baby reaches 35 pounds. At this point, the car seat will not be in use, but the Smooth Ride stroller will continue to be of use until your child reaches 50 pounds. The stroller has three storage compartments to assist with your travels. The baby has a tray to allow them to play with attached toys, snacks, or sippy cups. What about Mom or Dad? They get their own tray as well. It has two cup holders and a center area, perfect for your cell phone and your car keys. Where do you put the diaper bag, a purse, or an extra blanket? The Smooth Ride comes with a large storage compartment underneath the seat of the stroller to help easily carry these items. If using the stroller without the car seat, the stroller seat back can be adjusted to several different positions to recline so baby can relax or even take a nap.

The onBoard 35 Infant Car Seat comes with a base to secure to your vehicle, but it can be used without as well. This way Grandma can take the baby out for the day as well. The base of the car seat can be adjusted to five different levels to ensure a proper fit in different vehicles. The car seat is compatible for airplane use too. No need to postpone a trip anymore!


Every baby needs an infant car seat. Every parent needs a stroller at some point for their child. How convenient would it be to have the infant car seat and stroller all together in a travel system? The Safety 1st company has developed such a travel system.

The Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System with onBoard 35 Infant Car Seat is a lightweight and easy to use system. The car seat comes complete with a base to secure to your vehicle. It is easy to clean and secures onto the Smooth Ride Stroller with ease. The stroller folds for storage. It can be unfolded with ease with one hand. It is easily maneuvered and provides added storage for the parents. Diaper bags, purses, cell phone, and beverages are no longer cumbersome for parents while pushing the baby in the stroller. Even after your baby outgrows the infant car seat, this stroller will continue to be a benefit.

No need to worry about having to carry everything you need, including the baby, when you take the trip to the zoo or shopping. The Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System will help you have an enjoyable day out with your little one!
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