WeeRide Kangaroo Bike Seat

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We like

  • Five-point safety harness keeps your child safe
  • Foot cups are adjustable to add comfort to your child’s ride
  • Your child’s weight helps balance your bike better
  • You can engage with your child during the ride
  • You can fully protect your child during the ride
  • Your child can see the scenery around them without their vision being blocked
We don’t like
  • Attaching the seat can be difficult and requires a lot of time
  • The materials are not as sturdy as some may like

How it works

The WeeRide Kangaroo Bike Seat has been created for the parent who wants to give their child a better, safer ride on a bicycle. The seat is made to attach to the parent’s bicycle so parent and child can ride a bike together. What the WeeRide Kangaroo seat does that other child bike seats do not do, is that the WeeRide Kangaroo seat attaches to the front of the parent’s bicycle so that the child not only has a fully unobstructed view of the bike ride, but also the parent’s arms are fully around their child giving them extra protection and giving the parent a bigger peace-of-mind because they can fully see their child and assist them in the event of the bike falling or having to come to a sudden stop. The WeeRide Kangaroo Bike Seat has created mixed feelings in a lot of parents and there seems to be a huge divide in whether or not the seat is a good buy.




The WeeRide Kangaroo Bike Seat was designed to be attached to the front of the parent’s bicycle. The reason for this is that many parents felt anxious not being able to see their child while on the bike. Many parents felt that they could not fully protect their child because the parent could not see what dangers or hazards were approaching their child from the back or the side. Many parents could not determine whether their child was still strapped into the seat or if anything had come loose. What’s more is that many parents felt that the weight of the bike was also off because there was extra weight on the tail end of the bike that seemed unnatural. Many parents also hitched wagons and secondary wheeled vehicles to the back of their bikes to pull their child along, and even with that kind of apparatus, many parents felt disconnected from their child and unable to assist them or help them in the event of an emergency or approaching hazard.

WeeRide took the bike seat and placed it in the front of the bike putting the child in the parent’s direct line of sight and the position of the seat causes parents to be forced to put their arms around their child at all times ensuring that no matte


Safety is at the top of the WeeRide Kangaroo Bike Seat’s list of priorities. The bike seat has taken into account many of the safety concerns of parents and created a seat that tries to address all of those concerns.

The seat comes with the standard five-point safety harness. The harness is just like the harnesses found in car seats and jumpers and strollers. Your child’s arms go through the straps of the harness and the harness is clipped into a buckle over your child’s belly. The two harness straps click into one buckle. The straps are then adjusted to your child’s comfort level and safety needs, and then the buckle is clipped into a second buckle that is located between the legs of your child. Once fully tightened, your child will be strapped securely into the bike seat.

The parent can then mount the bike. It is here that many parents are split on whether or not the bike seat is worth the purchase. The seat is very close to the parent’s body, hence it being called a kangaroo seat because the child sits as if they were in a pouch attached to your body. The parent’s stomach will come right up against the back of the seat. Many parents have found that riding the bike with the seat so close made for an uncomfortable ride, and those same parents found that there was very little space for their knees while they were pedaling the bike because the underside of the car seat is located just above the parent’s knees. Other parents have found this type of riding more beneficial because it made them feel they were completely surrounding their child at all times.

When the parent puts their hands on the handlebars of the bike, their arms will have to come completely around the body of their child. The parent’s forearms will be resting on the sides of the seat. When the parent is in this position while they are operating the bike, their child’s body will be sat directly in the parent’s lap, and many parents feel safer this way.

The seat itself comes with a steering wheel shaped extension that gives your child extra security by giving them something to hold on to while they are riding, and some children have even rested their heads on the extension and have fallen asleep.

It is the law to always put a bike helmet on your child while they are on a bicycle. Always have your child in a helmet.
Attaching the Seat To Your Bike

Attaching the Seat To Your Bike

Attaching the WeeRide Kangaroo Bike Seat to your own bicycle has proven to be a bit of a hassle. Attaching the seat has been one of the biggest complaints of parents. Most parents who have purchased the seat mentioned that attaching the seat is a two-person job. One parent mentioned the parts came already attached, but backwards. They had to be undone to be put together the correct way. It may suit you best to check all the parts as soon as you open the box, and follow the instruction manual as closely as possible.

After opening the box, you will need an allen wrench and a screwdriver. You will see that the seat is separate from the handle bar that attaches to the seat for your child to hold on to. To attach the handlebar you have to flip the seat upside down and use a screw and washer system. Tighten the bolt with the screwdriver and allen wrench.

Next, you will need to attach the bracket to the frame of your bike. One bracket attaches to the front bar underneath your handle bars, and that can be tightened with the same bolt system mentioned above. Then, you attach the second bracket to the bar underneath the seat of your bike. In order to properly install that bracket, you will need to remove your seat and slide the bracket over the bar and down until it is flat against the frame of your bike. Tighten the bracket and replace and secure your seat.

Next, you will bolt the two brackets together.

Lastly, you will place the seat onto the bracket and fasten the seat tightly so that it won’t move. Once all of this has been done, you can then strap in your child and go for a ride on the bike.

The allen wrench, screwdriver, bolt system can be cumbersome, so it may help to have a second person there to help you out.


The WeeRide Kangaroo Bike Seat is made out of plastic with some parts made out of steel, and some parents feel the material could be sturdier. The plastic foot cups bend easily as do some of the other areas of the seat; however, they do not bend so much that they break or pose a safety hazard.

The seat and harness area are made out of fabric, which is soft and comfortable for your child. The foot cups are adjustable and some models have an open toe area so your child can move their feet while they are sitting. The materials are lightweight enough that they don’t weigh down the bike too much when your child is in the seat.
Age Range

Age Range

The WeeRide Kangaroo Bike Seat is made for children one-year-old to four-years-old or 33 pounds. The weight of your child allows for the bike to stay sturdier as your ride as opposed to throwing the weight off as a back bike seat would do. Having the weight of your child in the center of the frame makes for a better and safer ride. Above 33 pounds, however, your child will be too heavy for the seat and may cause a safety hazard.

Many parents have found that their child maxes out the weight requirement before four-years-old, and it should be noted that the weight factor must be taken into consideration when buying the seat. If you are a parent that does not ride their bike often, then this purchase may not be for you because you may not get the chance to fully enjoy the benefits of the seat if it won’t be used that often.
A Better Ride For Your Child

A Better Ride For Your Child

One of the biggest benefits that many parents love about the WeeRide Kangaroo Bike Seat is that their child gets a full unobstructed view of the bike ride. When a child sits in a back bike seat, they are staring at the back of your body and must turn their heads to see the passing scenery. With the WeeRide Kangaroo Bike Seat, your child will be able to see straight ahead and get to feel what it is like to be on a bike. They can feel the wind and see what is all around them as they ride.

Parents have enjoyed being able to fully support their child during bike rides. Parents have their entire bodies around their child’s body, and in the event of a fall or a sudden stop, parents have been able to fully envelope their child and ensure their safety.

Parents have also been able to better communicate with their child during the ride when their child is sitting in front of them. Parents are able to talk into their child’s ear and hear their child’s response. Parents were better able to connect with their child and talk about what they see and what they are passing while they are on the bike. The position of the child on the front has created quality time for parents and their children.


The price of the WeeRide Kangaroo Bike Seat is not super expensive, but it is not cheap either. It’s an affordable bike seat that won’t break the budget, but you also want to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth. If you are going to purchase the bike seat it should be noted that the ride may be uncomfortable because you will be sitting over your child, and you will have very little room between you and the seat. You will also be balancing your child’s weight in front of you between your legs, so that is something that you may have to get used to when you start using the seat. Many parents found it too uncomfortable, so as long as you know what you’re getting when you purchase this product, you should be okay with buying this seat.


The WeeRide Kangaroo Bike Seat is a new take on the family bike trip. Traditionally, many bike seats for toddlers are attached to the back of the bike or part of a wagon style that puts the child out of the sight of the parent. The WeeRide Bike Seat puts the child in front of the parent in order to give the child added safety and the parent extra peace-of-mind. By having the seat in the front, the weight of the bike is better balanced, and parents can now talk to and engage with their child during the ride. Although the set up can take long and be a bit difficult, for the price of the seat what you get in the way of safety and comfort is unmatched. The WeeRide Kangaroo Bike Seat is a good purchase for the active parent who is on their bike a lot and looking for a safe way to ride with their child.
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