10 Best Pokemon Books for Kids Reviewed in 2019

Pokemon Go is one of the hottest crazes on mobile applications today. Despite reports of increasing incidence of injuries sustained resulting from being too engrossed in capturing a variety of pocket monsters that people no longer exercise caution in their pursuits, more and more people are still venturing into the world of digital pocket monster hunting and capture. And why not? It really is one great way to satisfy the basic predatory nature in our genes. For kids, however, capturing a digital pocket monster requires an understanding of these creatures so that their innate qualities can be put to good use when the battle comes. As such, kids must equip themselves with all the right knowledge about these pocket monsters. Our 10 best Pokemon books for kids in 2019 should be a great way to start.

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Our Top 3 Picks

Pokémon Essential Handbook
  • Pokémon Essential Handbook
  • 5 out of 5
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  • Stats & Facts
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How to Draw Pokemon
  • How to Draw Pokemon
  • 4.5 out of 5
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  • Step by Step Tips
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The Rescue Mission Pokémon
  • The Rescue Mission Pokémon
  • 4.3 out of 5
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  • 4-8 Years Old
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Criteria Used in Evaluation of The Best Pokémon Books

Pokemon has met with some criticism over the years but when someone takes the time to actually examine this interactive game they see the benefits that are there for kids educationally even if through video game platforms and digital devices. The books devoted to these characters are also a hit, why because kids already love the universe therefore want to take the time to actually read about the monsters and characters that inhabit the universe.  When choosing which Pokemon books to go with for our list we wanted to highlight the ones that not only provided a Pokemon experience but would also give even more key benefits to kids.


Reading about characters that kids are genuinely interested in such as the ones found in Pokemon Go will make kids excited to read. Let’s face it if kids read in school with the standard reading material they may not see reading as something they want to do because it appears too much like a task in school. Make it something kids enjoy such as learning more about Pokemon Go and the Pokemon universe then suddenly the task becomes a fun activity.  All the while kids are learning new words and how to expand their reading ability while not even being aware they are doing. Also who would have thought math could be fun, but there is even a Pokemon book to give kids some love for perhaps their least favorite school subject. Another educational benefit of the Pokemon books is that these deliver important messages on life, things kids need to learn such as the importance of friendship and following your dreams.

Cognitive Skills

Some of the books in the Pokemon universe include basic instructions and guidelines pertaining to Pokemon.  This can include how to go about learning the different types of monsters, what their names are and stats on them. This is a good way for kids to exercise their memory skills as they memorize the information.  Kids can also learn how to draw or create their own fun Pokemon character.  This is a good way to learn about following instructions and using logic.

Imagination and Creativity

Through Pokemon books, kids can realize what a fun, imaginative adventure reading can be.  They realize that in books fun journeys and adventures can be found while using their own imagination to go on the adventures along with the characters.  Also, with some of these books, a child can exercise their own creativity as they learn how to draw and create these characters sharpening their creative skills in doing so.

Social Interaction

The books devoted to Pokemon can be a great way for kids to interact with other kids.  After all, Pokemon is extremely popular so no doubt kids will have friends who are into it as well and no doubt would be interested in the books. They could discuss the various creatures and the different types of digital type creatures that are available with great information found in the Deluxe Essential Handbook. They could share books in the series and discuss the various adventures.  Parents can also get involved by learning about these characters as well and reading these books to or with their kids.  Books are actually wonderful interactive tools, for kids to share with other friends or siblings who have the same interest or to spend some much-needed bonding time with their parents.

What Determined the Top Pokemon Books in Our List

Coming up with a selection of the best Pokemon books is quite tricky. We knew we had to look at the usefulness of the book in enhancing the overall Pokemon experiences of kids. For instance, reading materials help kids understand their favorite pocket monsters a lot better while learning activity books help them with their creativity, imagination, and other cognitive abilities. Identifying the usefulness of these products to children involved a thorough evaluation of the various feedback and reviews provided by customers. We had to read each one to get an idea of how well the product is valued by young Pokemon masters, trainers, and apprentices.

Of particular importance in our search was the developmental appropriateness of the product. As these are inherently designed and manufactured with children in mind, we cannot help but look at their value in terms of their developmental benefits. Additionally, if the product was able to enhance the understanding of invaluable life lessons, we took this as a major consideration as well.

Honestly, this could perhaps be the trickiest selection we have ever made. Nevertheless, we are confident that our selection of the 10 best Pokemon books for kids represents the prevailing sentiment of parents and kids alike, especially those who are fans of the franchise.

Understanding the Many Benefits of Reading Books for Children

Reading books is not only an activity that is well enjoyed by adults. When trained early on, it can also be an exciting and very beneficial habit for kids. We all know that one of the many benefits of reading to kids is the enhancement and fostering of healthier relationships. It is also helpful in developing our kids’ language and communication abilities. But, of course, we cannot forever read to our children. They must also learn how to read. There are many benefits of teaching kids how to read in pretty much the same way as teaching them how to draw, sing, play a musical instrument, or even ride a bike as well as many other things. For the most part, here are some of the many benefits of reading books among children.

  • Reading trains the brain and improves neural connections. 

Reading involves a lot of cognitive processes. We can look at reading as an exercise for the brain. The more parts of the brain that are used in processing a variety of information, the greater is the efficiency of interneural connections. This greatly improves the way in which the brain processes things and can be easily translated into sterling performance in school. The good thing about reading is that it doesn’t only strengthen the different neural connections in the brain. It also helps build new ones.

  • Reading helps improve focus and concentration.

To understand what we are reading, our brain can block other stimuli from getting in the way to better appreciation. Neural networks selectively block certain electrical nerve impulses so that kids will be able to concentrate, focus, and process the information that is contained in the reading material. Young children often lack the patience for reading extra-long pieces for the simple fact that their attention span is not yet that fully developed. Over time and with regular reading exercises, kids can substantially extend their attention spans. That’s why experts of certain childhood disorders recommend reading as a very useful therapy for improving attention span and focus.

  • Reading helps children understand and appreciate their world a lot better.

You can listen to someone who is explaining or discussing something and you can appreciate what is being shared right there and then. Unfortunately, there are individuals whose capacity for memory retention is not really that great that they easily forget what they have already heard. A better approach is to read the same materials over and over again until such time that every word in the text is already imprinted in the memory bank of the brain. You can call it memorization but it sure is a lot easier to memorize something that’s written than something that’s spoken, uncles, of course, you can play the speech over and over.

  • Reading expands kids’ vocabulary and improves their language skills.

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of reading books among children is the expansion of their vocabulary and the resulting improvement in their communication and language skills. When kids read and they encounter an unfamiliar word, they will ask questions about what the word means and how it is used in real life. It may be a word or even a phrase but, sooner or later, this concept becomes fully integrated into the child’s arsenal of words. This collection of words grows every time your kid encounters something he or she doesn’t understand and actively seeks clarification for it.

  • Reading helps stir a child’s imagination.

Books that do not have images or illustrations can help stimulate kids’ imagination. With each descriptive sentence or phrase written on the reading material, the brain slowly tries to visualize what is actually being conveyed. For instance, when a Pokemon suddenly “evolves,” children will have to imagine the process of evolution or transformation. This is not detailed in the text. So, it’s up to the young mind to conjure images of transformational changes in his or her mind.

  • Reading encourages kid’s understanding of the concept of empathy. 

Storybooks are filled with many of life’s lessons. The different experiences of the characters in the book can provide children with the opportunity to empathize-–understanding what the character is going through without necessarily getting emotionally attached to or affected by it. This is a very important concept for kids to understand as it clearly differentiates empathy from sympathy.

The Bottom Line

Reading is a very important skill that all kids need to learn. However, it should be done in a fun and interesting way to slowly build a passion for reading. This is where our 10 best Pokemon books for kids in 2019 can help.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the fascination with Pokemon?

A: This is a question no doubt many adults seem to ask but at a closer look Pokemon is more than just some video game or something that has kids looking down at their mobile devices, it’s so much more.  Take for example the Pokemon Go game, this one encourages kids to get out and be active while interacting on their mobile devices. This game alone can help kids to find an interest beyond the conventional video games to get them actually interacting with other kids in the real world while getting out and exercising.  The games of Pokemon also incorporate about concentration skills as kids started to collect the different species of Pokemon characters There is also mathematical skills that can be taught as kids actually take the time to either add subtract and even multiply various hit points. So, as we can see that for kid Pokemon is fun but there are benefits to it that an adult should actually approve of, the average digital video game it isn’t.

Q: Do girls like Pokemon and will they like these books?

A: Hey, why not? Girls can also be Pokemon trainers as well, this isn’t just something that would be of interest to boys alone. The game is truly universal in its content and there are characters in the Pokemon universe that are girls and that will resonate to young girls. So, these books will be of interest to girls as well. There are also items that are aimed toward girls but again this is like putting up gender barriers and Pokemon can actually have a universal appeal, and so can their books.

Q: My child hates to read, will the Pokemon books interest them?

A: That depends if they like Pokemon? Kids tend to associate reading a lesson in school and if they aren’t too fond of school odds are they don’t like reading too much. However, this is where books such as ones devoted to Pokmon can help. If kids love a certain theme such as Pokemon they will no doubt start to take an interest in reading books about characters they love. This will help a child to see how much fun reading can really be and the world of entertainment that can be found in reading.

Q: Can the Pokemon books be bought for younger kids?

A: As stated above some of the books listed above are for ages 7 and older. However, some of the books that are reading books could be bought even if they are a bit much for the kid to read themselves at a younger age, it’s a great way for a parent to read to the child. This is a great bonding moment, and will no doubt entertain the child if they happen to already have an interest in Pokemon.

Q: Should a parent be the one to introduce their child to books and reading?

A: Definitely, as there are books that are aimed at kids as young as 2 years old. A parent needs to understand that it’s not up to educators to be the ones to first teach a child to read. If a kid is introduced to reading early in a fun way, such as through Pokemon or other fun-filled characters, kids will no doubt see reading as something fun, more so than educational which parents will know is also a benefit that the child is picking up.

Q: Is it important for a parent to interact with kids about their reading material?

A: This could be very helpful to a child. Not only will it show that they did indeed take the time to actually read the book, but it also gives valuable parental interaction. Kids can discuss which characters they liked the most and what they would have done differently in the story.  In the books that include activities such as a few of the Pokemon books listed above perhaps the parent can participate in the activity with the child or at least take the time to view what they child has created to give them encouragement.

Q: Should kids really be encouraged to get involved in book series.such as the Pokemon adventure stories?

A: For some of us book series seems like a turn-off. Why because these involve more than one book and could mean purchasing more than one book. However, these books can be beneficial in their own right. Think about this for a minute, with book series such as the Pokemon series of books kids want to keep reading to find out what will happen next. Yes, this may seem like a costly venture but there is a place where these can be free to read and is a public library. Public libraries are a place where books series such as some of the ones devoted to Pokemon can be checked out periodically for kids to read at home or even make a day at the library as they read them. This could make for a great family outing. But be forewarned the Pokemon books can be as addictive as the games themselves and kids will want these books for their very own.

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