10 Best Tonka Trucks for Kids & Toddlers Rated in 2018

Since the mid-1940s, Tonka has been the standard for inspiring at least three generations of would-be American construction workers. At first, they manufactured garden tools. Thank goodness they didn’t continue down that road, or else it wouldn’t have been the delight of so many children from then until the present. The standard has been set from Dump Trucks and Bulldozers to Cranes, Rototillers and Cement Mixers. The Tonka Truck line has endured in both quality and durability when it comes to product design and relevance. We’ve compiled a list of a few timeless products from the line that’s sure to maintain lasting appeal with your Millennial Child.

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Tonka Trucks for Kids and Toddlers

There have always been models that are reflective of the world around us. This has taken various forms since the beginning of time – just think of the cave paintings of Lascaux. Then, followed by the images of the Cosmos; star patterns at night; the prominence of both the Sun and the Moon in the sky. Then, there were the animals in the fields and forests that ran around, birds taking wing. As we became more domesticated, the representations were those of farm animals, then pets, then household items and farm equipment, tools of the trade. Images of other people who could’ve been neighbors or relatives.

In short, these representations have been vital for making sense of the world around us. They are the essential tools for forming the minds of the next generation in each epoch. In the last one hundred years, we’ve gone from horse and buggy modes of transportation to cars, bikes, and planes. And, every five years there’s an improvement on that. With the Millennial phase, functional gadgets, not just representations of these – are easily becoming interchangeable with what used to be solely reserved for recreational purposes.

We chose Tonka toys with full knowledge of its timeless factor. For now, in our world, we will still need to use man-operated heavy equipment to construct buildings and clear land. The socialization process has remained the same. While human consciousness is still continually evolving, there are certain aptitudes that cannot outpace gadgets or AI yet. These are just a few of the deeper core issues.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Are any of these toys made of all-steel construction?

A: All of them are composed of some steel construction, but not 100% constructed of steel. Much of it varies with each product for much metal construction is used. Invariably, all of them have rubber tires and/or a plastic fender. It can be a mix and match. Typically, the cab and chassis of a particular vehicle is metal. As in the case of the dump truck, the flatbed is metal. With the crane, typically the cab is metal. One crane listed has an entirely metal constructed arm and bucket. In the past, I believe Tonka did have all metal constructed vehicles — but, now that’s probably less cost efficient and may pose greater dangers to child safety.

Q: Is the steel rust-proof?

A: Officially, it is not known to be rustproof. If you keep any of these toys out in the elements all season or for months on end, they are probably bound to develop some rust. That said, we recommend that once playtime has ended outdoors that the toys be brought inside. These are items are also pretty easy to clean-off, air out and dry to prevent rust. Also, there are many water and rust-proofing treatments you can use. When all else fails, Tonka offers a lifetime warranty that any parent can fall back on if necessary.

Q: How durable are the plastic and rubber parts?

A: it is of the highest quality. At the same time, you must be aware of the natural limitation of plastic and rubber. They are not as durable as steel. As with the previous question, if left out in the elements for too long, rubber may begin to mildew and rot. Or the opposite, which is to dry out and crack. We recommend taking the very best care of products as possible in order to get the most out of them. We know this is easier said than done with a toddler, too.

Q: What is covered by the lifetime warranty?

A: The warranty is for items produced after 1989. Usually, there is a circular stamp on the product, and it covers only manufacturing errors. It does not cover flaws that come about due to rust, everyday wear and tear or destruction. This does not mean that there is no lee-way with a particular seller or a generous window of time for a refund or exchange. The best bet, though, is always to take preventative measures when using these products and to want to maintain their shelf-life.

Q: What can I do about replacement parts or if anything gets broken?

A: it’s a pretty durable product, but there can be some issues once in a while. For instance, if you’re even mildly handy, many things that may arise could be easily handled on your own. For instance, some of the lever pulley systems occasionally get gummed-up. All that might just require a screwdriver and some twine for replacement. Another complaint is that some of the treads slip off these can easily be put back on track and reinforced with an adhesive if necessary. Always remember to visit any troubleshooting sites if you have a problem or be on the look-out for tutorials on Youtube easy DIY solutions.

Q: Are these the best prices available for Tonka products?

A: We guarantee that these are better prices than any box store retailer could offer you. Not only do we have offerings from the main site, but there are many affiliate seller options to choose from. Tonka has always prided itself on its craftsmanship and durability, so it’s not going to be easy to ever get any of these products on the cheap or for a song. Sometimes they go for collectibles which makes their value increase exponentially. So, trust us, unless you inherit a toy these are the best price points currently on the market.


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