10 Best My Little Pony Toys & Dolls for Kids in 2019

One of the most beloved children’s cartoons is My Little Pony and this show is making a comeback. While this show was beloved and very popular back in the day for some parents it can bring even the slightest bit of nostalgia when they see their own kids today playing with some of their favorite characters. These ponies today are vibrant, and all have unique personalities making every pony relatable to your little ones. These toys will help your children mentally and physically as well as they promote your child’s creativity through pretend play when they act out their favorite scenes. Below is our top ten list of the best My Little Pony toys that 2019 has to offer.

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By Lyndsey Fosher:

For this update we added one new product to our my little pony top ten list. We made sure that every product had a rating of 4.0 or higher and were still available in the market today. We added more information to our criteria section as well regarding how these ponies can be beneficial and educational for your children. If you have any other questions that you may need some answers too, please feel free to check out our FAQ below.

Criteria Used In Evaluation of The Best My Little Pony Toys & Dolls for Kids

Since its first debut over decades ago, My Little Pony has become an instant sensation. In today’s world it’s still one of the most popular series. There are so many My Little Pony toys in today’s market that we knew it was going to be a very tedious and somewhat overwhelming task to create our top ten list. We knew that we had to carefully decide when coming up with our list. We wanted a list that was not only suitable for girls but suitable for boys as well. We also wanted to make sure that our list was perfect for those parents who may not be too familiar with the franchise but are just starting to learn since their little one has started to become obsessed.
When coming up with our top ten list we made sure that we chose nothing but the best of the best that the market had to offer for 2019. The toys on our list also include a variety so that not every item on our list are all roughly the same. This can also be a wonderful bonding experience for parents and children because while they are combing their favorite characters tail, they can chit chat about their favorite scene from the show, their favorite character, or anything that they might want to act out. This will overall also help not just your child’s creativity skills and getting them to think outside the box, but it will get your child’s social skills and raise their confidence.
Whatever you are looking for when it comes to this franchise, we are sure that on our list there is something suitable for everyone. Be sure to check out our top ten list above.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is today’s rendition of My Little Pony about?

A: The 2010 version of the popular franchise is about a unicorn pony named Twilight Sparkle and her mentor Princess Celestia. The Princess helps Twilight learn about friendship as she makes friends with other ponies and goes on adventures with them.

As the story unravels, Twilight learns that she is a key for the elements of Harmony. Twilight and her pony friends travel around their hometown of Equestria and work out problems that arise within themselves.

Q: Is My Little Pony a little girls’ show?

A: My Little Pony is so popular that there are several different types of people that are fans. This show is supposed to be for little girls, but it is enjoyed by all members of a family.

The old ’80s version had poor animation, bad voice acting, and boring designs, but it was still popular. Presently, it is a vibrant show with good storylines and superb graphics. The characters face real problems and break several stereotypes.

Q: Are there some things parents should know about M.L.P?

A: The male ponies in this show are background simple characters. They don’t have a big role in anything and they have limited lines. The male ponies are seen staring off into space or saying things like yup and huh.

Ponies cannot be black, that color is reserved for villain ponies. There are other little facts about the show that are meant to be innocent but can be taken out of context. When Twilight Sparkle makes a room full of clones of herself disappear, was that murder?

Q: What are some secrets of the franchise?

A: There are fans that made their own version of an M.L.P. and are selling them online. There are now Xenomorph and Joker ponies online. As well as He-man, Edward Scissorhands ponies and more. A weird fact is that some names were banned from the show because they didn’t sound innocent like Steamer and Ruby Lips.

Q: Why should kids watch My Little Pony?

A: The show teaches children to believe in themselves and provides positive examples of conflict resolution. The characters are sweet and respectful of each other, often reinforcing good behavior. Despite being a show for small children, it explores simple ethics and morality in a way that doesn’t force an agenda yet provides a framework for children to build on.

Q: What are some magical facts of M.L.P?

A: M.L.P. is a feminist show. The main characters are all female and there are no masculine male ponies. The show celebrates feminine values, Pinkie Pie’s hilarious random humor, morally complicated situations, great music, and rebellious attitudes. This show teaches lessons about friendship and all its trials and tribulations. The lessons are popular enough for adults to tune into and enjoy.

Q: Why is the modern-day M.L.P. better than its previous version?

A: It’s colorful and more serious. Characters die in this show and they show having funerals. One of the characters strongly implied they died from cancer. This harsh peek at reality and the fantastic graphics keeps audience members asking for more M.L.P.