VTech Kidi SuperStar Karaoke System Review

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We like

Adjustable height of the mic stand on three levels according to the child’s height

In-built 8 songs with recording option and written lyrics of the songs in the instruction booklet

Sound and light effects that contribute to even better performance

Audio cable for playing music from external sources such as mobile phones and MP3 players

Good quality of sound

Besides being musical toy, this karaoke machine offers 6 games to play from

The karaoke machine can be removed from the stand

We don’t like

Most of the complaints refer to operation of the microphone

There is an option only for one microphone


How it works

Kids love singing, dancing and performing, some of them in front of audience and others alone in front of imaginary audience behind closed doors. If your kiddo is one of the many of us who at a point of time had imagined and dreamed of being a super star or a great singer then you will be interested to read this week’s review of Vtech Kids Super Star Karaoke System with Mic Stand. Karaoke Systems or machines are always a great gift for kids because they bring fun and enjoyment in the house and although a toy it still can be used as a tool for fun by the whole family. The karaoke system with mic besides the fun parts offers development of creativity and musical talent because now you can sing along with your favorite songs, create sound and light effects and record and listen to your musical piece. If you are interested in finding out more about all the options offered by this toy, check our review of Vtech Kids Super Star Karaoke System with Mic Stand.

<h2>Product description</h2>

Product description

This product comes in a bright pink and purple box with Vtech logo on it and an option to try the product by pressing the demo button while the product is still packed in the box. The box also features the characteristics of the product, what does the product do and what you can do with this product. The product comes unassembled and although the assembly is pretty easy and straightforward still it must be done by an adult. The assembly mostly refers to the components that make the stand. There are three poles that can be used to adjust the stand to the height of the child so you can take out or put additional pole when necessary. When you put the stand together you can install the microphone and the karaoke machine that are part of this package too. This product requires four AA batteries and the batteries are included in the box but they serve only for demo. There is an option to use a power adapter but this does not come with the product and must be purchased additionally. Part of the product is the audio jack that is used to connect the karaoke machine to external sources like MP3. Very handy is the part of the stand which can be used to place your mobile phone or MP3 player so you do not have to hold it in your hand all the time while you sing. Another good thing is that you can separately use the karaoke machine with the microphone meaning that the karaoke can be removed from the stand if you want to dance and sing at the same time. It is a lightweight product so it is not heavy for holding although it might have been handy if there was some handle, but having in mind that the karaoke machine is not designed to be carried around, we do not consider this as a con. The batteries are to be inserted into the karaoke machine at the bottom.
<h2>Who is this product for?</h2>

Who is this product for?

If your kid dreams of becoming a super star, he or she is interested in music and likes singing and performing and is between 4 and 10 years old we are more than certain that this could be an ideal gift for him or her. Although the product comes only in one color, that is a combination between pink and purple by its nature this toy is truly gender-neutral one and it would have been nice if there was a greater variety in colors. This product is definitely a toy that can be used on daily basis and can be used in long terms but the only condition is the kid to be really interested in music. Parents will also love this toy because it is a good option for parties and the karaoke machine is detachable from the stand so it can be easily moved to the garden or grandma’s house for your next birthday party.
<h2>Entertainment features</h2>

Entertainment features

This karaoke machine and a microphone offer more than just singing on the mic. There are many activities that you can do with this toy. The karaoke machine contains many buttons whose functions are described in the instructions of use. To start any activity you have to turn on the ON button and if you leave the toy for quite a while it automatically powers off in order to save battery. There are eight songs that are part of the karaoke machine and you can sing on these songs. The instructions contain the lyrics of the 8 incorporated songs so even if you do not know the songs you can read them from the instructions. In this mode of Singing there is an option called “Music Magic” that can turn down the voice from the songs so your voice can be the one of the lead singer. When you do not want to sing there is an option to go to “Free Play” mode where you can use the microphone for many pretend plays for example you can play pretend talk show or celebrity interview, poetry reciting or TV news presenting, or anything that you can imagine.
When you get tired of the free play and the singing of 8 songs you can always use the external source and play some more music from your MP3 player or mobile and sing together with it. This mode offers timer when the music will automatically switch off with three options: 60, 90, 120 and 180 minutes. Some common complaints about this mode is that the function “Music Magic” sometimes does not function properly but the manufacturer has clearly stated that this mode may not apply to all songs that come from external source.


Besides the music and the possibilities for performance this toy offers an option for playing different games that can be accessed by pressing the “Games and Tools” button. There are 6 different games that you can choose to play from. The games vary from classical games like “Music Pop”, “Balloon Tunes” and “Note Catcher” through musical games such as “Funky Monkey” and “Beat Boxer” and up to the well-known Tongue Twisters game. The games are mainly played by using different buttons on the control panel of the karaoke machine. The classical games have different tasks for example the “Music Pop” is a game where you can see bubbles on the screen of the karaoke machine and the task is to pop these bubbles using the control buttons or in the “Balloon Tunes” you have to blow in the mic to make the balloon go up in the air or to move the balloon to collect notes or catch the notes in the game “Note Catcher” which is actually very similar to the old fashioned game table tennis. The classical games are not very popular since the screen is pretty small and it is black and white plus you have to use buttons to play the game so in this world of technology it is pretty understandable why the game option does not draw the attention of kids. Unlike this type of games, the so-called dance games such as “Funky Monkey” is great for more players since it is based on the principle of the game Freeze. So if you want some fun start the monkey and follow his dance moves and freeze when the monkey stops. You can get creative and start your own beat box show with the game “Beat Boxer” where you can sing and record your own piece of music or get competitive and try the Tongue Twisters game where you can repeat some of the most famous tongue twisters. The games and the buttons that you can use to play with are described in the instructions where you can find the 15 tongues twisters too.
<h2>Interactive features</h2>

Interactive features

This toy has so many varieties to choose from, and this is one of the reasons why it can be used for a long time and is used over and over again on daily basis. You cannot get bored with so many options to choose from and play, dance and have fun. In order to have a great performance this toy offers options for light and sound effects. The accessing of the Light Effects is very simple since you just have to press the corresponding button if you want some disco ball lights. The disco light ball can even turn 180 degrees around to create the real feeling of being on stage and disco atmosphere. For even greater effects of your performance the karaoke machine offers five buttons regarding the sound effects. Before you start the performance you can press the intro drum for greater opening of your performance, cheering for support and applause for the end of your great performance. If you are using the mic to have your own talk show you can try the game show effect and some laughter effect if you are performing stand-up comedy show. The sound effects are really great feature to boost the confidence of the young singers and contribute to the effect of real performance. If you want to add additional fun element in your performance when using the mic you can use the voice-changing effect that switches among different voices. So with this option you can make your voice sounds like a mouse squeaking or a really deep voice.
The little musicians can even record their singing or talking or beat boxing with the help of the record button. The recording can be saved and there is an option for saving of two recordings. Each recording can last up to four minutes so eight minutes in total. If you decide to finish earlier than 4 minutes you can stop the recording at any time. When you want to listen to your performance you just have to press the playback button. This option is also very motivating for the little artists because in this way they can have their own recorded song.


Vtech is well-known for quality and durable products that are designed with purpose of education, creativity and fun for our loved ones and this toy is not an exception. The plastic parts are sturdy and well-made and although the screen from the karaoke machine offers old-fashioned graphics and black and white games still the the price for it is definitely not high and affordable. For the price you get a great value of play and longevity of use. Majority of the users confirm that kids love this toy and play with it on daily basis so when you take this into consideration combined with the enjoyment the kids get and you get by development of the creativity and musical talent of your kiddos then it surely pays off to invest in buying this toy.

Bottom line

Vtech karaoke machine with microphone will be a great gift for all little musicians and all kiddos who love singing, dancing and performing in general and love to pretend they are music stars. This toy can offer a complete package when it comes to performance because you can record your performance, add some light and sound effects, change your voice and even become a lead singer with the help of the Magic Music option which allows you to turn down the original voice of the song so your voice can be heard. When you get tired of playing and singing along the 8 songs, which are part of this karaoke machine you can use the audio cable to play other songs from external sources. If you decide to make a party you can have disco lights since this toy comes with featured disco ball that can even turn round for greater effect. Other great thing is that the mic stand apart from being easy to assemble can also be adjusted on three levels in accordance with the child’s height. Overall it is a great toy that offers so many varieties for the little performers who dream of being super stars and love entertaining, singing, dancing and even playing some music games that engage kids and inspire creativity.
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