10 Best Fenugreek Supplements Reviewed in 2018

Fenugreek seeds have been used for centuries to increase the milk flow of lactating women for their babies. Manufacturers have created different forms of this beneficial herb for women to take for more breastmilk. We feature the best of these online products here in this informative buying guide for your enjoyable purchasing experience. These are the top-rated and the most-reviewed fenugreek supplements currently produced by manufacturers that customers love and would buy again.

We highlight two types of these fantastic supplements that are easy to take and highly effective. The easiest is the pill or capsule form that can be just swallowed with water or any liquid. Because several must be taken a day and every day, women may want to try the simply powdered drink mixes created by UpSpring. We showcase three of these popular mixes in the delicious flavors of berry, chocolate, and chai tea. They can be mixed with a variety of enjoyable liquids in either hot or cold types and are quite pleasing to the palette. The drinks can be a welcomed delightful beverage or an enjoyable snack when they are mixed with a creamy, thick yogurt. No matter how mothers take the beneficial fenugreek supplements, they are sure to increase the milk flow when you need it most.

These fenugreek additions can all be taken short-term or long-term, as they should not produce any harmful side effects. Some women are put off by the maple syrup body smell they get when taking fenugreek, but it is a fairly common occurrence in consuming it. It is very helpful in boosting the breast milk when your infant is having growth spurts, when the mother is not producing enough milk that the baby requires, or when extra milk is needed for pumping and storing. All of these excellent products will help with accomplishing this. We are happy to feature them in our splendid buying guide for your shopping pleasure. Here are the best fenugreek supplements in 2018.

10 Best Fenugreek Supplements


1. UpSpring Berry Mix

This terrific UpSpring product has the most reviews online from customers of any fenugreek supplement item offered currently. It aids in the healthy production of breast milk and is a drinkable berry-flavored form of blessed thistle and fenugreek supplement. This fabulous drink mix increases lactation with the splendid concentrated formula and is a hydrating substitute for fenugreek teas, elixirs, and pills.
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It is a convenient drink that is taken twice a day in contrast to fenugreek pills and capsules that can be up to twelve pills a day. Recommended by lactation consultants and doctors, this great supplement does not contain any artificial ingredients. It is 100% vegan, non-GMO, natural, and free of gluten. Make your very own lactation smoothie by mixing this supplement with fruit juice, water, or an already prepared smoothie. It can also be mixed with soda water or sparkling water for a varied drink. You can add artificial sweeteners too, such as Stevia or Splenda for a sweeter drink without the added calories. Take this milk flow when you think the baby needs more milk that you are making, when you need to pump, and you are not with the child, or during the growth spurts of the infant.

This fenugreek drink mix can be added to a variety of drinks, such as smoothies, sparkling water, soda water, or regular water. it is a refreshing taste that you can get used to enjoying regularly.

What We Like About It
Supplements do not always have to be in the form of a capsule or pill. It is much more enjoyable to get the benefits of fenugreek in this fruity berry drink that is only taken twice a day.

Cost and Value
With a below average cost for such products in this category, this supplement has plenty of value for lactating women. It is in the form of an enjoyable drink and is a convenient way to get the dosage of this healthful plant.


Aids in the healthy production of breast milk

Recommended by lactation consultants and doctors

Does not contain any artificial ingredients

Is 100% vegan, non-GMO, natural, and gluten-free

Can be enhanced with artificial sweeteners


Made some babies a bit gassy

A few women did not like the taste of the drink

2. Mommy Knows Best Vegetarian

Effective and safe herbal lactation is provided by this lactation supplement that is made to increase breastmilk production quickly for moms that are breastfeeding. It includes fennel seeds, blessed thistle, and fenugreek seed for the development of healthy brains in the vegetarian capsules.
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This wonderful product has the best sources of the highest quality of vitamins and herbs and naturally and rapidly induces your body’s lactation function. The ingredients are tested and tried for quality and effectiveness and have been proven over and over to work well. It meets superior quality safety standards and can increase milk supply in just 24 to 48 hours. This ideal supplement does not include any gluten, peanuts, wheat, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, or milk products. Use this for a short time to increase your milk supply or long-term for pumping and supply yields. The included fennel seed benefits pass to the baby in the milk to aid in the infant’s digestion and to help with colic symptoms. The baby’s eyes and brain will benefit from the DHA ingredient also.

The fabulous combination of the fenugreek with blessed thistle and fennel makes a powerful combination with added advantages for both the mother and the healthy infant.

What We Like About It
For those women that are allergic to the regular things such as dairy, nuts, wheat, and eggs, this is the perfect supplement to help naturally with the milk supply for your baby.

Cost and Value
This great product is the most expensive supplement reviewed. It is a high-quality item that is free from allergens and has many benefits besides increasing milk production.


Made to increase breast milk production quickly

Ingredients are tested and tried for quality

Meets superior quality safety standards

Does not include any allergens

Can increase milk supply in just one or two days


Some women became gassy with this

A few did not like the aftertaste

3. UpSpring Chocolate Mix

We feature several UpSpring fenugreek supplements in this buying guide because of the huge approval rating from customers. This one is highly popular and has one of the highest ratings in this category. It is a chocolate-flavored powdered drink mix with fenugreek that aids in stimulating your milk production.
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Lactation consultants recommend this product highly because of its superior blend of ingredients. This superb item does not include any soy, dairy, gluten, or GMOs and is an all-natural formula. It does contain anise, blessed thistle, and fenugreek, and the dosage is three packets daily in a drink form. This is a hydrating great-tasting choice superior to fenugreek teas, elixirs, and pills when blended with milk, a smoothie, or yogurt. It can be taken hot or cold and will help increase yields for pumping, demand for baby’s growth spurts, and when the infant needs more milk than is being produced.

Recommended by lactation experts as a terrific way to improve the flow of breastmilk, this wonderful drink mix only needs to be taken three times a day compared to pills that are taken more often during the day.

What We Like About It
Having a drink of a supplement is much more enjoyable and simpler than taking pills or liquids. You can mix this great powder in drinks or yogurt for an easy snack of healthful goodness.

Cost and Value
This remarkable supplement is average-priced and valued for its easy-to-use form. It can be mixed in with beverages and will aid in keeping you hydrated in this time of breastfeeding.


Aids in stimulating your milk production

Does not include any soy, dairy, gluten, or GMOs

Contains anise, blessed thistle, and fenugreek

Blend with milk, a smoothie, or yogurt

Lactation consultants recommend it


Did not increase milk flow for some buyers

May make the infant a bit gassy or constipated

4. Best Naturals 180 Capsules

Offered in two container sizes, the Fenugreek Seed Capsules from Best Naturals promote healthy levels of cholesterol and levels of blood sugar. They also support colon and digestive health and enhance post-natal and lactation health.
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These great capsules are free from fish, yeast, sodium, wheat, gluten, eggs, lactose, starch, corn, sugar, preservatives, and artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. Supporting a healthy balance of glucose, they possess the superb nutrients of beta-carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin B. Fenugreek seeds are used worldwide in cuisines to soothe the stomach. The fenugreek herb has the status of Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS), which means that is a safe herb without harmful side effects when it is taken as directed.

The Best Naturals item will support the health of the colon, digestion, blood sugar, cholesterol, and glucose levels. It has many added benefits other than breastmilk flow enhancement.

What We Like About It
Free from plenty of allergens, such as wheat, gluten, and lactose, this fabulous product is safe for mothers to take who want to generate more milk when breastfeeding their infant.

Cost and Value
This terrific supplement is valued for its high nutrient content and lack of harmful additives. It is well worth the below average online price as a breast milk enhancer.


Promotes healthy cholesterol and blood sugar

Supports colon and digestive health

Is free from many additives and allergens

Enhances post-natal and lactation health

Supports a healthy balance of glucose


Had no effect on some women

Daily number of pills to take is a lot

5. Nutrigold Organic Veggie

Organic Fenugreek Gold supplement is free from GMOs, allergens, and preservatives. The vegetarian kosher capsules and powder are both organic, and the fenugreek seeds are processed by mild steam sterilization to make the pills.
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This is a pure extract of fenugreek seeds without anything else added in. It promotes healthy milk production and is third-party tested and verified for the best quality.

These capsules are vegetarian, kosher, and non-GMO. It is the purest kind of fenugreek in a pill variety that you can buy that has no added allergens or preservatives.

What We Like About It
While most of the fenugreek supplement products contain other ingredients such as blessed thistle and anise, this one does not. If you want just the fenugreek seeds, then this is the supplement you want.

Cost and Value
Costing more than the average of these supplements, but not as much as the highest price, this organic item contains just the processed seeds of the fenugreek plant in its purest form.

Does not contain GMOs, allergens, and preservatives

Is a pure extract of fenugreek seeds

Promotes healthy milk production

Processed by mild steam sterilization

is third-party tested and verified for quality


A few women smelled of the common maple syrup odor

Did not increase milk for some

6. Mommy Knows Best Herbal

The capsules of this wonderful fenugreek seed supplement are vegetarian and can instantly increase the breast milk in some women. This enhancement includes blessed thistle and fenugreek seeds, which is a great solution for moms that are not tolerant of other blends of lactating supplements or Goat’s Rue.
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It increases breastfeeding mother’s milk production and aids by stimulating the mammary glands blood flow. This terrific product also stabilizes the levels of blood sugar. Studies have proven that fenugreek supplements enhance the growth of cells in breasts during lactation. This lactation aid support supplement is free from wheat, gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, milk, and eggs.

Goat’s Rue is another great product for increasing the milk flow in women, but many moms cannot tolerate taking it. This wonderful supplement of blessed thistle and fenugreek is a more acceptable form of escalating milk flow.

What We Like About It
This fantastic mixture of fenugreek seeds and blessed thistle has been proven to increase the milk flow in some lactating women almost instantly in just a day or two.

Cost and Value
The benefits of this average-price supplement are its mixed formula with blessed thistle, vegetarian capsules, and lack of harmful allergens and additives that are not needed for great health.


Capsules are vegetarian

Includes blessed thistle and fenugreek seeds

Stabilizes levels of blood sugar

Can instantly increase breast milk in some women

Free from the common allergen ingredients


The odor of the pills bothered some women

Must take a lot of these daily to be effective

7. UpSpring Lactation Tea

This loose powdered drink mix formula that tastes like latte-flavored chai tea promotes the healthy production of breast milk in lactating mothers. It includes the three boosters of milk production of blessed thistle, fenugreek, and anise and can be taken hot or cold.
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This UpSpring supplement is a more enjoyable way of getting the fenugreek addition in a drinkable form and does not require tea bags for preparation. It is convenient and delicious, plus all natural and low in sugar. This great product does not include soy, dairy, GMOs, or gluten products. The durable container is reusable and includes a scoop for single servings for your convenience.

This fenugreek supplement has everything you need for increasing milk flow and nothing that you don’t. it is free from GMOs, dairy, soy, and gluten, plus is low in sugar.

What We Like About It
Lactating moms can simply enjoy a nice cup of hot or cold tea several times a day to get in their fenugreek additive for the day with this terrific product. It eliminates the swallowing numerous pills daily.

Cost and Value
Costing just above the average for these fenugreek supplements, this great UpSpring flavored drink mix derives its value from the unique drinkable variety and loose tea form.

Tastes like latte-flavored chai tea

Promotes healthy production of breast milk

Includes blessed thistle, fenugreek, and anise

Durable container is reusable and includes a scoop

Does not include soy, dairy, GMOs, or gluten products


Can be hard to mix in liquid and grainy

Gave some infants gas

8. Pure Naturals 180 Count

Available in three container sizes, the Pure Naturals Fenugreek Seed Supplement supports the digestive and lactation health of lactating women. This great product is supplement capsules that contain only 100% pure processed seeds of the fenugreek herb.
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The potency and purity are guaranteed, and it does not contain artificial colors. It is made in compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards of the world and is tested by a third party for quality and assurance.

Tested by a third party for quality and compliant with the recognized manufacturing practices of producers, this amazing product can be trusted to be one of the best herbal supplements for lactating moms.

What We Like About It
When you just want the fenugreek herb to take for increasing milk flow, this is a great choice. The capsules only contain this one ingredient that is highly beneficial for more breastmilk.

Cost and Value
Well below the average in cost, this terrific supplement of fenugreek is a pure form of the helpful herb. It is tested for quality and meets the worldwide GMP standards for production.

Contains just 100% pure processed fenugreek seeds

Supports the digestive and lactation health

Potency and purity are guaranteed

Does not contain artificial colors

Is tested by a third party for quality


Did not help with milk production for a few women

Might make the baby a little gassy

9. Vita-lize Vegetarian

Fenugreek Vita-lize is a non-GMO and vegetarian capsule that is doctor recommended and all natural. It helps with weight loss and decreases the appetite, plus supports the health of the colon and digestive system.
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Fenugreek Vita-lize is a non-GMO and vegetarian capsule that is doctor recommended and all natural. It helps with weight loss and decreases the appetite, plus supports the health of the colon and digestive system. This terrific product aids mothers with postnatal well-being and lactation and also helps men build their levels of testosterone for increased energy and muscle mass. The many natural powers of this wonderful herb are quite apparent for both sexes.

These capsules are vegetarian and non-GMO, which is important for those wanting only the best. They are not derived from animal substances because they are void of gelatin.

What We Like About It
This fabulous product tells of the benefits of fenugreek for men as well as women. Men can use it for the enhancement of muscles and testosterone levels in a simple, natural way.

Cost and Value
This is a below-average costing product with terrific benefits. The ingredients and capsules are non-GMO and vegetarian, plus the item can aid both men and women in great health.


Is non-GMO and vegetarian capsules

Doctor recommended and all natural

Helps with weight loss and decreases the appetite

Supports the health of the colon and digestive system

Aids mothers with postnatal well-being and lactation

Helps men build their levels of testosterone for increased energy and muscle mass


May produce a slight odd body odor of maple syrup

Some babies were gassy after their mothers used this product

10. Amazing Nutrition 180 Veggie

Rich in an assortment of nutrients such as diosgenin, potassium, vitamin C, dietary fiber, and niacin, the Amazing Formulas Fenugreek Seed Supplement is 100% natural and pure seed extract of fenugreek. The capsules are vegetarian and thus are not made of gelatin.
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It supports women’s health, healthy lactation, and digestive health and is third-party verified. The seed of the plant possesses the beneficial nutrient, and only two capsules are needed for the full benefits of this natural wonder. The company guarantees the potency and purity of this product, as it does not contain stem or leaf fillers to decrease the potency. It also does not include any artificial flavorings or colorings or preservatives. This terrific product helps to keep the digestive system working properly, maintains bowel functioning, and neutralizes the damage from free radicals. It also supports cardiovascular health, promotes the health of the nervous system, brain, and skin, plus gives aid with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.

While fenugreek is great for lactating moms, it clearly has plenty of other beneficial properties that benefit both mom and infant, such as aiding in brain, skin, and heart health.

What We Like About It
These capsules are vegetarian because they do not contain any gelatin. Plenty of people would prefer to not consume gelatin for religious, health, or dietary reasons.

Cost and Value
Price below average, this great supplement is valued for its 100% pure formula that is rich in nutrients and the many benefits it creates for the lactating mother and the infant.


Capsules are vegetarian and not gelatin

Is 100% natural and pure seed extract

Only two capsules are needed for benefits

Is rich in an assortment of nutrients

Does not contain stem or leaf fillers


Caused diarrhea and cramping in a few mothers

Did not have an effect on some moms

Criteria Used in the Evaluation of the Best Fenugreek Supplements

Top-rated and most-purchased

We have listed in this buying guide the most-reviewed and the top-rated fenugreek supplements that are currently the best offered online. Customers are overwhelmingly pleased with these items and would buy them again. we give you all of the product details from manufacturers along with the feedback from customers in the concise informative summary sections of each item. In this way, you can make the most knowledgeable choice for yourself and your baby in choosing one of these fenugreek supplements. The Fenugreek Vita-lize and the Chai Latte Tea Flavored UpSpring Milkflow products have the best ratings of these supplements. The product with the most reviews from consumers is the Berry-Flavored Drink Mix from UpSpring.

Effective for lactation health

Fenugreek seeds are known for their beneficial properties in helping to increase the milk flow of lactating women. The advantages also help the baby with its growing functions too. Taken in the proper doses, these fenugreek supplements can increase the milk needed for babies having growth spurts, when the flow is not enough for the baby’s needs, and when you want to increase the supply for pumping. Even though some women are not helped by this herb, it seems that the majority of those who take it regularly see an added benefit in consuming it.

Simple and easy to take

Both the pill and drink kinds of this supplement are easy to take. The pills can just be swallowed with water or any liquid, but the drink mix only has several options. UpSpring makes the drink powders in berry, chocolate, and chai tea formulas. They are very popular, and all three flavors made this list of best products. These can be mixed with regular water, sparkling water, juice, milk, or even yogurt for a simple refreshing drink or snack that aids in increasing milk flow for mothers. The drinks do not have to be taken as often as the pills or capsules and the form is liquid, so it is faster-acting. Just drinking the prepared liquids two or three times a day is sufficient enough to get in the fenugreek additive needed for increased breast milk.

Offered in many forms

There are several forms of this helpful supplement for increased milk flow. It comes in a capsule to be taken as a pill several times a day or in a powdered variety of several flavors to be put into drinks and liquids. The pill type must be taken often but can be consumed quite easily. Several customers complained of having to take so many of the pills a day to be effective and thus preferred the drink mix. The mix in a drink only needs to be consumed two or three times a day, plus the flavors are quite good.

Cost and Value Section

The type of product and the content size has much to do with the varying prices. Some of these products are drink mixes, while others are tablets or capsules. This needs to be taken into consideration when comparing prices among the different items listed. We give more details of each supplement’s value and cost in their individual sections above.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is fenugreek beneficial for lactating mothers?

A: Fenugreek is a natural herb that is frequently used to increase the supply of milk for women who are breastfeeding. It works excellently for some women and not at all for others. It has been used for this purpose for centuries. It has added benefits for the baby as well in its growth and development. This supplement has been used for centuries by lactating women because of its advantages in increasing the flow of breastmilk.

Q: How long do you have to use it before you notice an increase in the milk supply?

A: Once you start taking fenugreek regularly, increased milk production should be noticed within 24-72 hours. However, sometimes it can take up to two weeks before seeing results. Some women never see a change, so it just takes patience. Because of its other health benefits, fenugreek is not a waste, even if it does not increase the milk supply.

Q: How much should a woman take? How do you know that what you are taking is too much?

A: Many women have reported that dosages less than 3500 mg each day did not show any signs of change in their milk supply. You can safely increase the amount of fenugreek that you are taking to get to the optimal amount for your individual body. When you get to the point that your urine and sweat begin to have a maple syrup odor, you know you have hit your limit. Several customers online reported of this odor, so they had reached their own body’s physical limitation of fenugreek. If at this point of dosage, it is not increasing milk supply, then discontinue the use of it.

Q: How long should fenugreek be used to increase the supply of milk for the baby?

A: Fenugreek can be used both long- and short-term for enhanced milk supply in lactating mothers. Pumping yields are also increased with this supplement. No studies report issues with taking it long-term. Once the milk supply has been increased to the desired level, it can be decreased or discontinued as needed. It does have other health properties for the baby and mother, so it is not a problem to take it longer than needed for added milk.

Q: Some customers claimed that this herbal supplement made their babies gassy and fussy. Is this a common side effect of this product?

A: This issue was only noted from a few women and may have not been the sole cause of the infant’s condition. A number of things can make babies gassy and fussy, so this must be considered when deciding on taking this supplement. All children and mothers will react differently to fenugreek. For some, it will work, and for others, it will not show any signs of helping. It is just a matter of individual body chemistry.

Q: Is it true that this herb can have a reverse effect on nursing mothers?

A: Although we did not come across this fact in our research for this page, the topic was brought up by a woman who purchased a fenugreek supplement and had a decrease in milk flow because of it. She claimed that in her research, she did find that it was something that happened to a few women who took this herb.