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Zero GMO ingredients

Dry skin anywhere


No chemical preservatives

Pure beeswax

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Little oily

How it works

Lanolin has been used for as long as people have used wool, lanolin is produced by a gland in sheep which produces it as a defense against insects and for skin moisturizing, healing and protection. It is extracted from sheep’s wool., the wool is cut off, boiled and produces lanolin. For those who do not want to use products originating from an animal, there are other options.

There is a percentage of nursing mothers who experience nipple cracking and other skin irritations and for solutions, these mothers can turn to naturally sourced moisturizing and healing products.

Earth Mother is a brand which offers a lanolin free option, they state that the product is made with zero GMO ingredients, nonsticky though a little oily, this cream has botanical rich properties and is one hundred percent organic. This organic option offers purity, the makers claim there is no need to clean it off before a baby latches on to feed because it is chemical free and harmless. For those using breast pumps, this product can also be used to lubricate the flanges for a smoother operation.

This can also be used on dry elbows, cuticles, dry heels, cheeks and lips, in fact, it works for dry skin anywhere on the body.

Buyer reviews giving feedback have mentioned that the cream has small white granules mixed in with it and that they have needed to crush and mix these into the cream solution before using it. The response from the makers is that these white granules can form if you store the cream in cool conditions, therefore it is advisable to just keep the container at room temperature.

The cream has a buttery texture to it so applying it is relatively easy and it does appear to offer fast healing properties for cracked skin. The feedback on positive results has been extensive.

So, if you are nursing a baby and having problems with Nipple cracking this natural product will be a very good option for you to try.

Age Range

Age Range

For breastfeeding mothers, this product is natural and safe for very young babies when used on the nipples, it does not contain any harmful properties, so it is safe for babies. No need to wipe it off before nursing a baby. Being totally free of any chemicals, this is a natural pure organic product and very safe.

When used for other skin areas, the benefits are good and there aren't any age restrictions, this cream moisturizes the skin very effectively through regenerating skin cells, the positive results are very quick and beneficial.


Cracked dry nipples can be painful and despite this condition, the demand on Mom will be to continue feeding, this can be stressful for a parent. This stress can have a negative impact on the bodies immune system and hormonal balance at a time when the bodies functionality needs to be balanced because mothers milk passes on many benefits to a baby. An imbalance on the bodies natural production of hormones and other immunity-boosting or stabilizing secretions can be passed on to a nursing baby.

Applying a cream which can quickly repair dry skin cracking will prevent pain and stress and be calming for the mother.


Designed to have a buttery texture, this is a 100% pure product sourced from organic beeswax, natural botanical sources and free from lanolin, for vegans this is perfect, for parents looking for a product which is 100% free from any type of chemical preservatives, this product fully meets this criterion.

The cream is designed to be easily applied due to its butter-like texture, when applied to the skin it gives a protective barrier while also being absorbed into the skin to moisturize and rejuvenate dry skin cells and repair damage. The positive design outcome is a result of using a blend of natural ingredients.

If ingested it is harmless, so this means it is not necessary to wash off the cream before nursing a baby, though parents can use their own discretion as it is easy to wash or wipe away the cream from the skin surface.
Due to the design and mix of natural ingredients, this cream is a favorite in hospitals, especially because the healing benefits are quick and it is completely safe for babies. It can even be applied to babies skin in areas where dry skin problems occur.

The product is stored in a screw-top jar for protection and prevention of contamination from dust and other airborne particles, the ideal place to store it is in a room with a standard temperature. If stored in cold conditions, the cream can develop small white granules, if this happens, these can be easily crushed between the fingertips and mixed back into the cream base.

This product has been designed for ease of use when applying and does produce good results for skin repair, moisturizing, and protection.


A durable product with natural pure ingredients and it does not require a refrigerator for storing, the base compound for this cream is organic pure beeswax and beeswax has natural preservation qualities.
Sold in a durable container with a screw lid it is easy to store at room temperature and durable in terms of long-lasting and effective.

When applied to the skin durability is shown through the creams ability to retain it’s performance aims for as long as it is on the skin. The moisturizing effect is quick acting and efficient, cracked skin resulting from dried-out skin is quickly replenished and rejuvenated.

In summing up the durability benefits, the product is durable, the container for storing it is durable and gives easy access and the cream works to fix and preserve the durability of the skin.
Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Presented as being like butter, this cream does have a slightly grainy texture. When applied to the skin, the body temperature causes melting in much the same way as would happen if butter were applied to the skin. When the melting happens, the cream gives three immediate benefits:

Creates a protective barrier
Gets absorbed into skin tissue
Moisturizes and replenishes damaged skin cells

Ease of use for application is very easy, no need to measure dozes or amounts, just apply the skin and gently rub the cream onto the desired area. The cream is durable and will give a long term protective barrier while also aiding the repair of skin tissue.
Because it is made from natural organic ingredients, it is easy and safe for use on any part of the body, it is even safe for very young babies and can be used on dry skin areas where a baby has been drooling or is presenting dry skin issues.

Feedback from users is very positive, yes the cream aids comfort and repair for cracked nipple problems but is also effective for more problematic problems such as cuticles, cracked skin on the feels or other areas of the feet, good for lips where the skin has cracked due to severe cold weather, the ease of use is very good and the positive results are equally good.


For capacity, this product scores very well as a natural organic product which does not contain any chemical preservatives is not made from any products extracted from animals, and produces quick beneficial results while being very easy to use.

There aren't any restrictions on use for different ages, from a very young baby right up to elderly people, this product has the capacity to give benefits.


Some user have mentioned the oily residue on the skin surface but this is where and how the cream gives a beneficial barrier for protection. When applied to the skin, the body temperature creates a degree of melting which results in two actions, the cream is absorbed by dry skin and the cream forms a natural slightly oily barrier for protection. For those that do not like a residue, they can apply the cream, wait for a while as it gets absorbed into the skin and then easily wipe away the cream from the skin surface.

In terms of maintenance, when used for repairing cracked skin, it is advisable to continue using this product for the maintenance of healthy skin.


For vegans who do not want to use a product with ingredients extracted from animals, this is a safe product, for those who want a product which is free from chemical preservatives, this is 100% pure and natural.

Because this product contains only non-GMO organic safe ingredients, it is very safe even for exceptionally young babies.


Defining the cream under reviewing it based upon materials, this product contains
100% pure organic beeswax
Organic herbs
Botanical rich
Non GMO Sourced

Combining natural materials from nature and natural sources means that the product is very able to work in harmony with the needs of the body and is totally free of any chemical or manufactured ingredients.


Very versatile for use and really easy to use, this cream works for all ages and will repair dry skin problems even when the skin has cracked. It can be applied to any part of the body without any detrimental effects.

A very good agent for positive skin repair results, this also works equally well to prevent dry skin problems.

A versatile product which produces quick benefits.


Provided in a 4oz container with a secure screw down lid for protective and safe storage.
Price Range

Price Range

This versatile skin cream care product is available at an affordable balanced price, the ease of use and the benefits make this product a good investment for skin repair and skin protection. It is easy to store and will keep it’s beneficial properties for a long time because the 100% beeswax gives a natural base for the cream in which it will not easily degenerate.

Bottom Line

It can be difficult to find a product such as a cream for use on the body which does not contain a host of preservative chemicals most of which an everyday person knows nothing about.

There will always be question marks about the long term effects of applying manufactured chemicals on to the body and even more questions when it comes down to ingesting those chemical preservatives. There was a time when all products were sourced from natural sources, over the last 70 years we have seen a huge swing away from natural resources and nowadays people are looking to swing back to safer natural products.

Brand products are becoming more aware of this and this is reflected in the number of natural products which are appearing on the market.
People are presenting informed opinions on why they do not want products with GMO ingredients or manufactured chemical preservatives, there are many studies currently looking at the long term effects on people using non-pure non-natural products.
There is a growing swell in populations to choose products which are not sourced from animals and not tested on animals, these changes in buyer preference are pushing producers of products to re-think how they create and market products which people use.

Earth Mama has taken a lead initiative and produces a very good selection of products with natural ingredients which come directly from natural sources and this is proving to be very popular among consumers.
Nursing mothers certainly want a safe product when they consider the safety of themselves and a young baby. Nipple cream will inevitably be ingested by a nursed baby and so, of course, it is important that it is made from baby-safe natural ingredients.
Nature has always been the best source for healing and repairing our bodies and this product is certainly a good investment which will give the wanted results, naturally.

You can not only say goodbye to cracked skin problems but with this cream in terms of regular skin maintenance through using it, you will be able to prevent cracked skin issues.
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