Easter Eggs, oh The Brilliant Things to Do with Them

Easter Eggs, oh The Brilliant Things to Do with Them

Spring is upon us and with springtime comes another holiday that kids always look forward to Easter. This is a holiday where kids can hear about the legend of the Easter Bunny, where they can get Easter baskets filled with Easter eggs, candy and toys. It is also a holiday where they could also take part in decorating the Easter eggs and there is also the time honored tradition of the Easter egg hunt.

For some parents though we might wonder how do we make decorating the eggs an imaginative and creative project kids will want to participate in. Also how do we shake up that time honored tradition of the Easter Egg hunt or maybe come up with some different egg activities kids might enjoy. Well, we thought we would share some unique suggestions of a few things to do to Easter Eggs you never knew about, and some you might not have considered trying before.

Decorating the Eggs

Decorating Easter Eggs is a project for the whole family and can definitely create a bonding experience. There are several Easter Egg decorating kits on the market. But let’s get a little more creative and actually use some items that toddlers can use to decorate the Easter Eggs and older kids might find a fun ways to actually express themselves through various types of art supplies.

Melted Crayon Designer Eggs

This is a very cool idea on how kids can decorate Easter eggs creatively although it requires a very hot egg. Therefore an adult will definitely need to supervise to make sure a child never touches the egg.

The parent will need to take the egg directly from the boiling water using a spoon or thongs, than place it onto a clean towel patting it dry. After this using the same towel carefully take the egg and place it back into the carton being laid with one side up, where a child can then take the crayons of their choices and start to paint the egg on that side.

Because of the eggs heat the color will stay on, when the egg cools the wax of the crayon design will harden than the eggs can be properly placed back into the carton till Easter day.

Dying Eggs with Kool Aid



That’s right the beloved kids beverage can actually be used to dye Easter Eggs. Basically doing this is the same principle as using a standard egg dying kit that can be purchased in the store.

To create use various packages of unsweetened kool aid and dilute in a cup of hot water. Add to this two tablespoons of white vinegar to each cup of the colors.

Mix together, then add the egg, a great way to create the same coloring process. Keep in mind though that like the standard coloring kits the darker colors such as cherry or blueberry will take less time and will be more vibrant on the egg.

Tie Dye Eggs

This is also a fun project that will no doubt fascinate kids. It will require getting a standard egg coloring kit or using the kool aid dye process addressed above and some basic rubber bands.

Kids can place the rubber band around various areas of the hard boiled egg than place it in one of the cups of color dying. When the egg comes out and dries the rubber band can be removed.

This creates cool designs because the area where the rubber bands were will remain white. Sort of like the tie dye process used on clothing which is where this process got its name from.

Washi Tape and Sticker Fun

Washi tape is a form of craft tape that comes in a variety of colors and designs. It is thin and also easy to tear off without having to use any scissors. It is ideal for kids to actually decorate Easter eggs by placing a strip of the tape across the egg or to really get creative just having fun using the Washi tape.

As for stickers we have heard of using these on Easter Eggs but how about letting the kids really get creative with them? Kids can also use their favorite stickers to decorate the Easter Eggs and to put their own unique spin on them.

In fact, stickers can make for a fun group or party activity where kids use various stickers that can be purchased anywhere to create various egg designs.

These are just a few suggestions on how to shake up the Easter egg decorating process. But these are just our ideas, the thing is an Easter egg can be a blank canvas for a child to again explore their creative process.

Just keep in mind though when choosing what to decorate the eggs with if these are hard boiled eggs make sure that what is used is safe and non-toxic since these are eggs that will be ingested.

Different Types of Easter Egg Hunts

We all grew up no doubt participating in Easter egg hunts be it at home or at school. These are basically searching for eggs that an adult has hidden. This is a time honored Easter tradition, but to keep it interesting and maybe unique here are some fun filled suggestions.

Bunny Tracks



Toddlers and younger kids will love this one. They will go outside to find little bunny tracks leading to areas where easter Eggs have been hidden, making them feel as if they got a visit from the Easter Bunny.

The bunny tracks can easily be made using forms of chalk paint which can be washed off and some brands can actually be used on lawns as well.

Golden Egg Hunt

This is one that older kids might love, why because it involves looking for a golden egg. Yes, not the hard boiled variety although these can also be incorporated.

Basically with the golden egg a certain amount of cash can be placed within the plastic golden egg that is then hidden. It’s up to the kids to then go in search or it to see which one will find it.

A good type of game for Easter morning or even an Easter Party.

Put the Kids in Charge

That’s right with this Easter Egg Hunt the kids get a chance to be in charge. With this hunt either hard boiled eggs or candy eggs can be used.

A child is given a basket full of the eggs to take out in to the yard to hide. Than it is up to the parents to find them within a certain amount of time such as ten minutes to find all the eggs.

After all the fun is over the kids can keep the eggs as part of their Easter basket candy.

Puzzle Egg Hunt

This is a very interactive type of Easter egg hunt that older kids would like. It requires using the colored plastic eggs. Than getting a certain size jigsaw puzzle. Inside of each egg place one pieces of the puzzle.

The kids search for each of the eggs and find various pieces, as they do so they construct the puzzle. In order to complete the puzzle they have to find all the eggs. Truly a fund challenging and interactive type of Easter egg hunt.

Flashlight and Glowing Egg Hunt


This one should be done at night, either during an Easter party, Easter day or the day before Easter. This would entail the parent hiding the egg earlier in the evening.

Than when dusk starts arrives hand each of the kids a flashlight for them to venture outside using the light of the flashlight to find the eggs that have been hidden. This is an egg hunt that is more ideal for older kids who want more of a challenge in an Easter Egg hunt.

Another fun spin is using the plastic colorful eggs found in stores, and placing small glow stick in each one along with a small prize. This will create eggs that glow in the dark, another way to illuminate things out in the dark.

Other Cool Easter Egg Activities

So, now that different types of decorating ideas and the egg hunt have been covered now is the time to go into some other different egg activities that maybe not all of us have heard of.

Easter Egg Bowling

To play this game it would require a dozen hard boiled eggs. All of the eggs except for one are to be decorated. The one that is left white is to be placed in the center of the lawn.

Each child than takes turns to see who can roll their decorated eggs closest to the white egg without actually touching it. Could be a challenging and fun activity.

Capture the Easter Egg

For this activity it will require eight hard boiled eggs or eight plastic one that are divided into four and dyed two different colors. Kids than break up into teams of four.

Each team is than given a specific color of eggs which they line up at two different sides of the field or lawn. At this point the kids basically play a game similar to capture the flag which means that they each try to get the other teams eggs to take to their end of the lawn.

During the course of the game if a kid is tagged by a member of the opposing team they are out. The first team to achieve the goal of getting all four of the other teams eggs wins.

Easter Egg Race

This one can be a simple race on a lawn or made more challenging by creating an obstacle course. Basically a kid is given a hard boiled or plastic Easter Egg and a tablespoon.

The rule of the game is that the child must keep the egg balanced on the spoon throughout the duration of the game without dropping it, all while trying to win the race.

Hot Easter Egg

Ever heard of the time honored game hot potato, well this is quite similar to it, again a hard boiled egg or a plastic egg is used. Kids sit in a circle and toss the egg around as music plays.

At the moment the music pauses the kid left holding the egg is out of the game. This goes on till one kid is left and they are the winner.

So, these are just a few things to do with Easter Eggs that kids will enjoy and perhaps parents have never considered trying. The bottom line is Easter is a fun family holiday that can be filled with many bonding moments. We shared with you some ideas that maybe you might not have heard of before, but we hope you will consider trying. Better yet, create your own fun fill Easter Egg activity for your kids to participate in. Whatever you may choose to do have a great and joyest Easter season.