5 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms and What to Expect

5 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms and What to Expect

Your Growing Embryo at 5 Weeks

The size of a pop-rock crystal is how big your growing baby is; 0.09″

Early on, your baby begins developing major organs like; the stomach, liver, kidneys, and their heart.

At the moment your fetus is made up of three germs layers. They are called the mesoderm that will be the circulatory system and the heart. The ectoderm that will be the skin, nails, spinal cord, and your baby’s brain, and the endoderm that will be the lungs, intestines, and various major organs.

The limbs are now much more defined and, you can differentiate the limbs into their segments. Your babies little body is less curved this week. With a large head topped with a nose that has formed as cute flattened short projection all the better to smell your breast within the coming year to breastfeed!

Though your baby is relatively small it is growing rapidly at an amazing rate!

Pregnancy Superfood of Week Four
  • This week a dark leafy green called is our recommendation; it’s high in folic acid too. You guessed it! Spinach is on our list. Popeye didn’t eat all that spinach for nothing. It made his muscles and bones strong for the adventures ahead.
  • Just the way your body will be energized and ready for the intense days that lie ahead in the first trimester. One thing that is beautiful about this plant; it grows year round. It’s hardy in the winter and the summer months alike. If you’re buying from the grocery store it’s generally there year round as well.


Folic Acid vs Folate Acid: Most pregnant woman have heard of folic acid and the need to consume it during the first trimester though what most aren’t aware of is that folic acid is the synthetic version of folate acid. Our bodies are far more adapted to absorb folate acid the; organic version of folic acid.

  • Getting this from natural sources like dark leafy greens helps our body regulate it at a healthy rate. Any excess folate acid that the body doesn’t need is simply excreted through urine.
  • If you eat one cup of spinach you are getting about 263 micrograms of folate acid.
  • Pregnant woman are recommended to eat this vitamin in hopes to reduce neural tube defects the first 3 months of pregnancy especially, which is very important.

Tips of How to Prepare: Throw a bunch of spinach on a homemade plant-based pizza!

To make the crust — mix 2 cups of all-purpose white or wheat flour, and a tsp salt.

Mix the flour mixture with 3/4th cup water/2 tbsp soy, or coconut milk; slightly warmed and 2 tbsp of active yeast until foamy(about 10 minutes).

  • Mix the flour, yeast mixture and 2 tbsp of olive oil — knead it for 8 minutes.
  • Place it in an oiled large bowl then, let the dough rise for 2 hours in a warm spot or until it is doubled in size– split dough into two balls — let rise for another 20 minutes — then flatten into your pizza crust onto a well-oiled cookie sheet.
  • Throw all desired toppings on, plus a TON of spinach and bake at 350 as long as needed.

Voila, you have a plant-based pizza full of spinach that is super filling for hungry mammas to be!

Top Tip for Week Five

If your pregnancy isn’t high risk you don’t have to wait for the ‘safe zone’ to tell your friends and family! Many women have a hard time keeping their pregnancy a secret at this time. At such an exciting time it is understandable you’ll want to tell those you are close with.

Inspirational Message from Already Moms

Get creative with how you announce your pregnancy to the ones you love and close friends. There are plenty of ideas out there on the web if you do a bit of research.

One highly recommended way of announcing a pregnancy is to make t-shirts that say you’re expecting a pregnancy then ask a photographer capture photos of your family, then, you can post these on social media like Facebook or send announcement cards in the mail.

Whatever you and your partner choose to do have fun with it! Make lasting memories that you and your family will love after time.

Be sure to tell your partner right away! You probably found out your pregnancy with your partner but if you they deserve to know as soon as possible.

Big Efforts from your Co Creator

Ask for the help you need from your partner this week. Whether you need support physically, emotionally, or perceptively. Let your significant other know how you are feeling; even if you’re not as excited as you think you should be.

Finding out you’re pregnant can be anywhere from incredibly exciting to deeply scary depending on your situation. Try and let your partner into your reality; it’ll help you to not feel so alone if you are. In the long run, it will help bring you guys closer and stronger as a family.

In whatever way your partner can help you out, let them know what they can do for you to assist you as a new mother to be.

This Art of Allowing

This week you have probably found out you’re pregnant! This means you need to do a lot of allowing. Your nausea may be settling in or maybe you’re feeling a bit of an emotional roller coaster. Whatever it may be — repeat the mantra I allow the positive to take place in my life, I nourish my body and baby in a positive way.

This will help if you’re feeling uneasy about the pregnancy, also keep in mind that many parents have found out they are pregnant much too early to be prepared. Sometimes you just need to experience it to become an expert at it. Try not to worry if you don’t have those college funds set aside for your kid and life plans of your own all taken care of. Focus on doing what you need to at this moment to care for your body and your baby to be the best possible team.

Pregnancy Symptoms of Week Five

If you take an at home pregnancy test at this time it will be more than reliable. You can take as many as you’d like to get excited or just take one and show the results to your partner if possible! Remember to pay attention to your partner’s reaction as it has been quite funny for parents to be across the board.

At one point my partner found out I was pregnant before I even did; the line was so faint I walked out the bathroom and said “Okay, we’re in the clear” for him to walk into the bathroom and say “uhhhh hunny, are you sure??!” frantically. This was a surprise but pleasant pregnancy.

You may be wondering tons of information like; how is my baby growing or how soon should I expect to be nauseous. One thing that’s great about this day and age is that you can find all the answers to your questions even before you see your midwife or OB.

At the tips of your fingers is a mecca of true experience from other parents; from science-based studies to chat forums you can start to look online and in your community, for answers, you might be looking for.

Aside from your mind curious about all the things we wonder in early pregnancy you may have some other questions like’ when your beautiful belly will begin to show!

This week you should be feeling incredibly tender breasts and the HCG hormone has kicked into full gear to prep your uterus for your new baby.

Mood swings, ah the grand mood swings of the first trimester. They are kicking into full gear at this time and probably are going to be the most intense during the coming weeks then they will throughout the 2nd or 3rd trimester. How you deal with them is all up to you. But to eliminate some of the unnecessary stresses in life give yourself what you need and take what you need even more.

If you need attention or affection or your partner to talk with you; let them know. If you are hungry, don’t wait to eat. Don’t limit your food intake, that’s the disaster upon disasters. Get comfortable with yourself and flourish like the beautiful person you are.

Your Body will Change and It’s Necessary

Alongside the mood swings, you’re probably experiencing let’s talk about how tight your pants feel! Though, every two women are completely different in what they feel. One woman may experience a series of symptoms while another woman may experience no symptoms at all.

  • The top reported symptoms for week five are as follows:
  • Lightheadedness
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Fatigue
  • Constipation
  • Mood swings
  • Increased Vaginal Discharge
  • Frequent Urination
  • Heightened Sense of Smell
  • Morning Sickness
  • Vaginal Bleeding
  • Changes in the Breasts

While all of these symptoms are common; you may find yourself experiencing all or none of these symptom. If you’re tired rest — if you’re nauseated take a moment to see what your body may be lacking or needing. Do you need rest or more magnesium?

If your breasts are tender hot rags or a hot bath usually does the trick to relieve the discomfort. There are many at home remedies that can really help you through the first trimester.

Our Recommended Herb for Week

Morning sickness throughout pregnancy is caused by a variety of factors which include; fatigue, constipation, foul odors, blood sugar that is low, worry and anxiety plus, hormonal shifts. How is your body handling this cocktail of factors that accumulate to morning sickness. The best thing that you can do for your body at this point, or close to, is try to eliminate any morning sickness you’re feeling from being pregnant. This will encourage you to be more active and eat more nutrient-dense foods. If you’re feeling good it’s easier to focus on everything else besides lying in bed waiting to recover from horrid nausea. So basically a few things can really kick morning sickness in a week to a week in a half. That being;

Start taking apple cider vinegar shots in the morning; before you put anything else into your stomach drink 2 glasses of water plus, a 75% water and 25% apple cider vinegar shot to balance your gut flora and encourage healthy digestion.

Secondly, you should begin eating more probiotics.

Lastly, order Vital Vinegars online, or, make them at home yourself.

Partake in adequate amounts of rest for one week after you start to feel more intense nausea settle in. This process will help to eliminate morning sickness due to vitamin deficiency and lack of rest.

Most often pregnant woman can reulieve symptoms of nausea by revitalizing their nutrient intake and assisting her body in making healthy new cells for baby and her own body.

Preparation for Motherhood
  • If possible, check out your life insurance plan and if you don’t have one; plan on getting it ASAP
  • Go on a 10 minute walk to relax!
  • Stretch your body

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