10 Best Activity Cubes in 2019

If you have ever been to a doctor’s office or a learning center you will most often see that they have an activity center and with good reason. Kids love them. They are a great challenge and provide lots of different activities all in one center. It allows them to be creative, learn, and play all at the same time.

They are easy to find, but what ones are the best? It is essential that you a list of the Best Activity Cubes and why they are the best. Simply pick one below, buy, and watch the smiles appear.

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Activity cubes are all-in-one toys that offer a wide range of activities that introduce many different concepts to your child. You can be assured that our list of the 15 best offers a vast array of styles and sizes that provide hours of stimulation. In addition, product specifications, cost and availability have been reviewed and verified as accurate.

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Criteria Used in Evaluation of The Top Activity Cubes for Children 

There are so many products available to us and so many methods to receive these products. They all claim to be the best or most cost effective, but how can you be sure? It can be overwhelming to find just what you want. Your heart is one hundred percent in it so finding yourself dissatisfied with a product can be really discouraging. We understand you want to give your children the best of the best. Here is list of the top ten baby activity cubes available on the market today. These toys offer a variety of benefits. These benefits provide stimulating activities designed to keep your child engaged and occupied while also strengthening core developmental milestones.

The materials used in developing these products are safe and non-toxic. They are eco-friendly and provide your baby with the best and safest educational toy. These products are also durable and built to last. This should, not only give your child the opportunity to get more playtime out of these toys but also give you the most bang for your buck. You can have peace of mind knowing your child isn’t being exposed to harsh chemicals and will love all the benefits these toys have to offer. Your child will thrive from exposure to all the lessons offered by these multi purpose toys.

If healthy brain function and development is of the utmost importance to you, you can be assured these toys are designed to focus one enhancing skills necessary to a happy healthy future. These educational toys offer exposure to numbers and letters introducing your little one to the basic fundamentals of math and language. The interactive nature of these toys will inspire your little one to stand and even crawl. This will aide in the development of gross motor skills and building core muscles necessary for healthy body and muscle development. These cubes are also designed to nurture the development of fine motor skills. The development of these skills not only help with muscle function but also begin stimulating the neuron pathways in the brain. This stimulates recognition and memory as well as cognitive and visual abilities.

The cubes offer multi-purpose surfaces that provide a number of engaging activities that nurture sensory development. The design of these cubes feature colorful aesthetically pleasing shapes and patterns that are meant to enthrall your baby and promote focus. Animal recognition is introduced as well. There are a range of cubes suited for infants and toddlers, the age recommendation for some are supported up to 6 years of age.

The interactive intention of these toys will provide your baby with several stimulating objects to explore. There are some one this list that play songs and melodies and others that light up. As we all know, it can be hard to keep a child’s attention. They are always one to the next thing and it can be a challenge to settle them and focus their attention. These toys offer so many different properties for your little one to explore, it is designed to keep them engaged no matter how much their attention may wander. There are a few options one this list that offer the same educational benefits with a less busy delivery. Those selections are great for children with learning disorders or hypersensitivity as too much going one can cause your child to become overwhelmed or more easily distracted. These versatile products can be used a fun and educational toy as well as a tool for helping your baby to relax and refocus their energy.

What Determined the Top Activity Cubes for Young Children in Our List

There are literally hundreds of contenders vying for a position in our list of the 15 best activity cubes for young children. We could easily fill up a top 100 list. However, it certainly is wouldn’t be right to give you so many options to choose from. As such, we took it upon ourselves to consider only the best of the best.

The focus of our search was on the developmental appropriateness of the activity cube. It was crucial to evaluate the various learning activities provided by these kids’ items in an effort to identify which aspect of a child’s development is being addressed. Our primary consideration was the relevance or the appropriateness of the various features of the product to the developmental milestones or developmental skill levels of children the toy is primarily designed for. The congruence must be well established, otherwise, everything will be for naught.

Additionally, product safety was a paramount concern. Since our intended users of these items are young kids below the age of 3, it was imperative that we ascertain the safety profile of each product. This meant looking at any certification that would point to the use of only the safest materials in the manufacture of the product. Moreover, it was also crucial that we look at the design integrity of the item. We don’t want any component that can be easily detached which young children may inadvertently put in their mouths and risk choking or suffocation.

Even when the developmental appropriateness and product safety were already considered, we were still left with quite a handful of worthy contenders. Trimming the list further required us to enlist the help of countless parents through their invaluable reviews and comments about these types of toys. Only activity cubes that have substantial customer satisfaction ratings of not less than 4 stars, were included in the final shortlisting of the best activity cubes. We’re confident you would have done the same thing.

The Benefits of Playing with Activity Cubes

It doesn’t really matter whether you are going to buy a simple activity cube or one that fully integrates a variety of sensorimotor experiences. The crucial point to understand is that babies and toddlers require ample sensory stimulation to facilitate optimum growth and development. Whether it is the benefits of shape sorters or the advantages of musical toys, integrating all of these elements in one complete package can be a very interesting prospect in early childhood development. It is for this very reason that playing with activity cubes can be very beneficial for infants and toddlers. Here’s why.

  • It helps them master a variety of their motor-related skills including fine-motor capabilities, spatial reasoning, and visual-motor coordination. These provide the foundation for more complex motor tasks such as writing and holding a variety of tools and equipment as kids grow older.
  • These toys help young kids develop their communication skills by building on their vocabulary and the use of certain phrases. Equally important is the correct pronunciation of words which serves as one of the fundamental backbones of speech.
  • Activity blocks enhance the establishment of neural connections, ensuring that cognitive processes such as memory, convergent thinking, and simple problem-solving are laid down as essential building blocks for more sophisticated and more complex cognitive processes like critical thinking, logical reasoning, and divergent problem-solving.
  • These toys can help provide an outlet for the expression of infant and toddler anxieties. By keeping them busy and focused on what they are doing, the mind will not be led astray thinking about anxiety-provoking things. This helps them feel more relaxed and, in turn, become happier babies and tots.
The Bottom Line

Depending on what is integrated in the activity cube, this kind of toy can really kickstart the optimum development of young children. That’s why it is essential to choose the right ones for our young kids. with the 15 best activity cubes in 2019, you’re more than empowered to choose the correct one; you can effectively map out their future development as well.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where are these toys made?

A: There are a few that are manufactured in the US, most however are made in China.

Q: Are there other languages?

A: These toys only feature exposure to the English language and alphabet. There are some related toys that offer other languages.

Q: Are they made of safe materials?

A: The plastic of these toys meet the BPA requirements and codes implemented on children’s toys. The wood cubes are made of eco -riendly materials.

Q: Are these toys heavy?

A: There are a few cubes that are miniature so they weigh much less than others. But the majority do weigh quite a bit in relativity to your child’s weight.

Q: Can these toys be used with other blocks?

A: The shape and size of these cubes do support the possibility of using blocks from other sets. (a review stated one set of blocks has really sharp corners) However not all of these sets have blocks included or do not support the need or space for blocks.

Q: What’s the earliest age I can give this to my child?

A: Most activity cubes are made for children three years and older. Unless they have small parts, you can encourage them to play with cubes at a younger age but some parental supervision may be necessary, at least initially. Any cubes with small parts that may fall out or get eaten should be restricted to toddler-aged children or older.

Q: Which is better, a wooden activity cube or a plastic activity cube?

A: Neither cube is better than the other. The type of activity cube your child will enjoy depends on what you’re looking for; wooden cubes will be eco-friendly, simple in concept, and not overwhelming, while plastic-based cubes often have more parts, have a musical or noise-related aspect, and may have lights and other sensory parts.

Q: Are there loose pieces?

A: As mentioned above, there is a few options on this list that have blocks included in the set. With the exception of those toys, all the other cubes one this list come with the pieces fully mounted and put into place to prevent the threat of choking.


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